What to take to jail ?

What to take to jail ?

If you suspect that you may soon be arrested (that is, as they say, from prison but from the bag is not necessary to renounce), try as much as possible to prepare for this difficult, but not hopeless lifestage.

«Alarm suitcase»

More precisely, the bag (plain of canvas without locks, zippers - briefcase, suitcase still will not miss) can be collected safely and competently.Many do not need to type.Only the most necessary.Moreover, in a variety of different order of the bullpen where miss one, there is another delay.But there is still "allowed" list of things essentials that need to be taken at all times.

basic list: what to take to prison

  • removable linen (several pairs), warm underwear;
  • socks - and conventional, and warm;
  • handkerchiefs;
  • flannelette shirt;
  • racing suit are not synthetic, shorts;
  • pillowcase and two blankets;
  • slippers, soap with soap dish, a toothbrush and a comb;
  • boiler, electric;
  • mug
  • plastic or enamel, bowl, spoon wood;
  • if you wear glasses - spare glasses in a case;
  • about five envelopes;
  • a notebook, a pen;
  • few sandwiches or bread with sugar, candies without filling.

tea and cigarettes

And then, and more in prison is valued highly enough (even a kind of calculating unit, such as money).Take a few packs of tea, but not granular, and flat black.Cigarettes do not take the most "cool", the middle class, but little more.If you do not smoke, it is useful anyway.You can also take a few boxes of matches.Lighters banned!


main point - that they drove you to prison is not detected (for this there are a few "popular" way), because the money can only transfer list.There they will be hand over and put into the account to buy food in the prison shop, rather than wait for the transfer of the house.

What can not be taken

According to the Code of administrative and criminal violations in the prison prohibited to take money, currency, securities and things, jewelry.Prohibited and vehicles, all kinds of weapons, optics, knives, razors, cameras, watches, drugs, alcohol, alcohol-based colognes, playing cards, pornographic materials, as well as much more.Also - foods that require cooking (except coffee, tea, powdered milk and instant food concentrates), homemade preserves and yeast.

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