How to reduce your buttocks ?

How to reduce your buttocks ?

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How to reduce your buttocks?

hard not to agree that the size of the buttocks is irrelevant to human health.However, if we look at it from an aesthetic point of view, it ... Too fat buttocks - it is ugly, not sexy and can develop a set of gluteal inferiority of their owner.

But what do you do?How to reduce your buttocks?The answer is very simple.You must be able to burn calories, and this will help you our special set of simple exercises, directed action.And you will be combined with the impact of their weight classes in the gym.

How to reduce buttocks male and female: 6 steps towards harmony

Wonder staircase

Did you know that just up the stairs, you can burn calories?So be aware!Climbing stairs just destroy excess fat and simulates your buttocks.This exercise melts extra weight makes perfect buttocks.Some gyms have special simulator - stepper.Its principle of operation is very simple.It simulates walking on stairs.It is an escalator which is moving in th

e opposite direction.However, this machine is extremely rare, so walking on stairs usual is fine.

Correct jumping

In your case is suitable plie jump.What are its characteristics?It loads fine buttocks and increases heart rate, that is, it is also an effective cardio.Do this exercise as follows: Arise, set up wide legs and feet expand sideways 45 degrees.Making a slight squat, jump out as high as possible up.Once you pushed off, begin to actively move his legs in the air.Landing should be in the same wide stance.Break not need to do between jumps.During the approach must perform 15-20 repetitions.

simulator orbitrek

This is one of the best aerobic exercise equipment.Oh, he then knows exactly how to reduce the volume of the buttocks.And not only.

when using this elliptical trainer feet standing on moving surfaces, and hands holding a special handle on the chest.Fulfilling reciprocating legs, creates the effect of walking.And if you increase the resistance of the simulator, the efficiency of training will be doubled or even tripled.

blow to the buttocks bike ride

Choose for yourself!You can ride a bike and just enjoy cycling.The load is in this and in the other case.Despite the fact that this type of training is not too intense, yet it is remarkably consumes excess calories and reduces the buttocks.Create yourself velolyubiteley group and as a gift to sports training, you get a great friendly atmosphere of collective arrival.If you do decide to work out in the gym, it is not without the help of a competent instructor, you can pick up the perfect combination of speed and intensity of the exercise.This interval will increase the load speed of burning calories.

Lifts buttocks

This is a very simple but effective exercise.Lie on the floor on your back and bend your knees, rest your feet on the floor.Hands pull along the body, palms down.Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.For greater load can be feet together.Slowly lift your pelvis up and tighten your buttocks.Scroll down.Exercise should be repeated 10 times.You can also stay at the top and stay in this position for 1-2 minutes.


jumping Stand up straight, place feet, one in front and one behind.Tilt your body to the front foot, as in a lunge, then high jump and jump and change legs.That is, if the front was left, it will be right, etc.Repeat this exercise 10-12 times.

From your desired goal can be reached within just 6 simple steps.So do not stand on the spot - go for it!