How to become a killer ?

How to become a killer ?

There are many professions, but some would like to work killer.Of course, specific specialization, but for well-executed order the person will get a decent amount of money.The following will be written to become a killer.

inner attitude

Many people think that killing people is easy enough, but it is not so, because the killers have feelings too.It is very important inner spirit.You have to understand the reasons why you do it.Of course, the main incentive - money, but some just like to kill, they get pleasure from the process.

to tune in for the kill, it is necessary to have the courage to pull the trigger or plunge a person a knife, poison.After all, no turning back.In this case, you should be confident in their actions, forget about compassion and remember that this is just a job like any other for you.It is not necessary to remember the victims, as you will torment the conscience.Moreover, it is not necessary to find out whether a person has children who are in need of it.You must become a

cold-blooded type, which is capable of anything.

Wield weapons

to kill people, you need to master to perfection whatever weapons.It can be a rifle, machine gun, rifle or pistol.To do this, you have to take shooting lessons and constantly train.If they ask why you, you can always pretend to be a lover of hunting.Once you develop certain skills, you can get down to business.However, you must first find a customer.Of course, in a newspaper ad in which case you will not give, but you can always make friends in the criminal circles, then the work will be enough, provided that the quality of orders.


Few people learn to kill, and it is important to know how to behave properly, that none of the others could not suspect you of committing a crime.Firstly, you have to find a job.Position can be any, and the salary you should not worry, as it will not be your main income.It is important to see the surrounding that you exemplary citizen, go to work.

Be friendly with your neighbors, discuss the latest news, condemn violence, talking about raising prices, you can even borrow from time to time small amounts of money, referring to the fact that you do not have enough to pay.In general, lead a normal life.Do not show off and show that you have a lot of money, because others may suspect something, and start conversations.Live modestly, without showing people that you have a lot of money.

Is it worth it to become a killer?

Going on offense, we should remember that you can calculate, and then you can end up in jail for a few decades.In some cases, the conclusion could be life.After all, murder is a serious crime and, according to Russian law, is punished severely.For this reason you should not get in the way of crime, from which it is very difficult to curtail.

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