How to make money on advertising ?

How to make money on advertising ?

Some earnings from advertising on the Internet can have almost every person who has a personal computer with an Internet connection.This method of obtaining certain additional income may well come not only webmasters, but also beginners.So, how to make money on advertising?It is generally not difficult, the main thing to know in what way you want to earn.Now I will tell you more about these options.

How to make money on advertising on the Internet: methods

Internet provides almost everyone a unique opportunity of earning on advertising.Earnings from advertising on the Internet requires the use of two basic ways:

  • can earn on viewing advertising on a specific site that provides users with the opportunity.In this case, we need to work unlimited Internet as it is necessary to visit a lot of websites and e-wallet system Webmoney or Yandex-Money, that was the account where you will earn money.
  • can also capitalize on advertising on their website - it is, however, required to fulfill more conditio
    ns.And above all, you need to build a website, and then "roll" him so that he enjoyed a certain popularity among Internet users and had some traffic ranking.Well, now let's look at each method in detail.

Earnings on viewing advertising

This method is often called surfing.Surfing is the oldest and proven way to earn money.It is based on the fact that many advertisers are in need of a high attendance of their sites, because of this will depend directly on their own income.The objectives, however, may be different, but the basic: to raise the site in search results, and statistics on the various services and unique fraud potential customers a site that will think that since a lot of visitors, that means a good website.

What you need to do to earn it?It's very simple: first you need to find on the internet "surfing" type links, or "make money on surfing."A special website will open a window with multiple frames.In one frame time is counted, and there so-called "captcha", ie the control number to verify that you are human, and in the central frame is displayed site.You can view, any number of sites, and are billed per-view.

Usually a person receives a certain amount of viewing dozens or hundreds of sites for a certain period of time - for example, 30 seconds.Payment credited to your eWallet, so this method of earning it should start.By the way, after recording almost immediately you can start surfing - viewing sites for electronic money or even credits which can then be exchanged for either viewing their sites, or to sell (in some systems).

How to make money from advertising on its website

This is a nice passive way to earn money, but before you receive income from your website, it is necessary, first create, and secondly, to provide him with high popularity as the higheris traffic to the site, the more expensive advertising you can place on it.The principle of such earnings is very simple: a person places on its web-site ad units, and the money is credited for clicks on the links shown in these blocks.And, of course, than the resource more popular, the more transitions, and accordingly, will increase and income.Set ad unit in two ways.First, with the help of Internet services that offer installation of ad units on sites.Well, and secondly, you can contact advertisers directly and request to advertise on your site for a certain amount.Moreover, the amount will be higher, the more popular the site is.Of course, your contact information should be listed on the site (eg, e-mail) to get in contact with you.

Teaser advertising

This method is only valid for those sites, attendance of which is, as a rule, not less than 50 visitors a day.The so-called teaser - a lure advertising based on the principle of puzzles.Teaser intriguing, because it contains only the information that has attracted many users.You must have seen such advertising on the Internet: "To lose weight, you need to give all of the 4 products ..." (but does not indicate what - to do this, click on the link) or "incredible revelations of the former TV presenter ..." (again,to learn about the revelations you need to click on the link).As a rule, the news is not worth a jigger, but many peck - elementary curiosity triggered.And you can earn, because teaser advertising provides an opportunity not only to earn, but also makes your site more attractive to visitors and interesting.There are special services teaser advertising, which can be easily found using any search engine.

Contextual advertising

The most effective way to earn money for not too hyped sites.The principle of contextual advertising is very simple.Special program "Monitor", that is, keeps track of your work in the web browser and provides sites where the units are installed content (for example, Yandex-Direct or Google AdWords), relevant advertisements.For example, you type in the search "teaser advertisements".In this case, when you visit a certain site with contextual advertising you will notice that some ads will contain links to websites that host such advertising.The search engine recognizes your needs and builds ad units in accordance with them.And finally, how much you can earn on advertising?In fact, as much as necessary.While surfing especially not earn much, but if you do not use the special referral program, which allows to receive the income from the new "surfers".Do the math yourself: regular price - 30-50 rubles per 1000 clicks.To earn 300-500 rubles, you need to click 10,000 times, while not in a row, as the cycles come to an end.Well, and limit the amount of advertising on the site does not exist - the main thing that the site has been popular, and you - actively.