How to cut the fish ?

How to cut the fish ?

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How to cut fish?

Many of us like different fish dishes.But not all housewives love to cook these dishes.Why is that?The answer is simple - many people simply can not tolerate messing with the fish during its cutting.Moreover, there are so many young housewives who do not know how to cut the fish properly and where to start at all.

What tools do you need

  • Special fishing knife;
  • grater to remove the fish scales;
  • Scissors;
  • sharp knife for butchering carcasses into fillets;
  • kitchen cutting board.

How to cut fish

Now we will tell you how to cut fish into fillets.But first give some general guidelines:

  1. Sharpen all the knives that you will use in the process.
  2. Cutting board should be sustained and extensive.Well, if it is a hard board made of thick wood.But ultimately, it's not so important.
  3. If you have noticed that in the process of cutting you blunt knife, not too lazy to immediately grind it with a whetstone.
  4. not remove scales with a live fish.
  5. If your fish is frozen, you should defrost it before butchering.To do this, fill it with cold water and wait.Do not use warm water for this purpose, because the fish can become flabby.

So, after you have made sure that the fish is dead, take a sharp knife and cut the fish spine fish across, just behind her head.This method will allow you to release excess blood from the fish.Instead, you can also cut the abdominal aorta, - in this case the blood will drain quickly.Further spare fish viscera from the carcass by cutting it along the abdomen.The gills should be removed too.Using scissors, remove the roots all the fins, including the dorsal fin.Some species of fish, this fin is very sharp and can interfere with the further cutting.

Take special grater and remove the fish scales.It should be noted that some types of fish should remove the skin completely.Again, hold the knife and separate the meat from the bones, cutting out pieces of fillet.During cutting, try to remove all the bones and fine, too.

Do not forget to thoroughly wash the carcass during and certainly after the whole process.It often happens that the inexperience of the intestine is cut.If the contents fall in the meat, it will give him an unpleasant taste afterwards.If you want to cook the fish is not immediately after the cut, and later, you should not immediately cut it into small pieces.

If the fish is large and weighs more than one kilogram, it is much better to cut it along the back of the head to the tail into two parts, and only then separate each of the halves cut crosswise into portions.Thus, some pieces are obtained from the vertebral bone, and others - without it.

Now you know how to cut fish.Related Videos to find it is not so simple.But using our article as a guideline, you can be sure to cut the fish carefully the first time.