How to breed hedgehogs ?

How to breed hedgehogs ?

Many people wonder, "How to breed hedgehogs?".Delving into the details of the sexual intercourse, you might think that it is very painful.Agree, not everyone wants to rip his stomach during sex, a big and sharp prickles on the back of your partner.But I can assure you, nature has provided everything, because hedgehogs are people too, or rather the mammals, in a sense, they are like everyone wants to reproduce.

Shtirlits or breed hedgehogs

In search of an answer to our question is not modest, willy nilly come across many wrong theories.Internet is teeming with theories!Someone shouts that hedgehogs multiply by budding, division, spawn, dropping needles.More thoughtful people say that hedgehogs mate, clinging to each other, so to speak in the missionary position.Here as well, and I constantly come across something on one theory, then the other.And I came across the book "Stirlitz or breed hedgehogs" in the deep wilds of the Internet.Not a little work to describe the pairing of hedgehogs already

in the whole book, I thought, but where are Stirlitz?As it turned out the book basically just about standartenfuehrer SS, and not about hedgehogs.But if you are interested, you can find it here: Stirlitz or hedgehogs breed.

Barbed true mating hedgehogs

So we come to the most important, we put aside all prejudices, and let's face it.Hedgehogs mate just like most mammals.The female lay down on his stomach, back bends and presses the needle to the body.The male, meanwhile, comes up behind, and climbs on it and does the job.The main secret is out, and note it in a fun little.

Breeding hedgehogs

If, after the last paragraph, you do not shut down the article, it means that you are interested in a more scientific description urchin reproduction.Jerzy - polygamous animals, in the second year they begin puberty and they are ready to breed.In winter, hedgehogs hibernate, which means that life in these last periods.Therefore, like many animals, the breeding period begins in spring hedgehogs, April - May, and may continue until the end of summer.Period of gestation is approximately equal to the young - 49 days.The female of the year brings one, and the most active females, two offspring per season.Typically, born from two to eight cubs, but they often die because they do not able to gain enough fat for winter hibernation.After two months, the young are ready for independent life, then young urchins gone, and never returned to his mother.

How to breed hedgehogs at home?

achieve offspring have hedgehogs in the home is difficult, the main thing is to choose a time when individuals are ready to mate, and to reduce them.Hedgehogs, nocturnal animals, do not forget about it, mostly they are awake while you sleep.If the female is brought offspring, 3-4 weeks will be required to transfer the baby to feed meat.Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs - predatory animals, so you should immediately let go of the thought that hedgehogs go through the forest, collecting berries and mushrooms.Daylight meat food is carried out gradually, can be given to young minced meat, mixed with hard-boiled egg.Just feed it possible millet gruel with milk.The proportion of dairy products is gradually reduced and transferred to the adult diet.The basis of the power of adult urchins is finely chopped meat, well suited insects and larvae.If your home is more than one adult hedgehog hedgehog, you need to keep them in different cells.Jerzy - singles, one cell is to keep only a couple of young or during the breeding season.Do not be afraid to disconnect a couple again, after breeding hedgehogs polygamous animals, no violations and stresses it does not cause them.As an important moment in the life of hedgehog is sleep, not sunken into hibernation hedgehogs often die.Hibernation begins near the end of October, early November, prior to this period should be hard to feed a hedgehog that he scored a lot of fat.As it is necessary to prepare them for hibernation place where the temperature does not exceed 5-degrees.It will fit a loggia or garage.

Today, one eternal question was less.Breeding hedgehogs is no longer a secret, so that hedgehogs breed and multiply themselves, it is nice and helpful.