How to get to the casting ?

How to get to the casting ?

you want to play in advertising.How to get to the casting in this ad?Of course, you too can become an actor for such rollers and even the jokes, become the "face" of a large company, playing a major role.If you are lucky less, it is possible to play in the crowd.

Way to advertise is through the auditions, which are constantly held in the major cities.It was the casting you will be able to light up, saying of himself as a talented actor, even if you do not have appropriate education.

So, first, apply for participation in the casting.Ads about their conduct can be found on the Internet as a purposeful, and quite by accident, when he heard on the radio in public transport, television, reading the booklet and so on.The main thing to look for, but already there is certainly there.

If your candidacy has been selected for the filming of the role of advertising, participation in the casting is guaranteed in your pocket.But do not hurry to rejoice, for casting choose several people, each of whom must d

emonstrate their talent, and in any way to prove their superiority over the competition.

How to get to the casting in the movie

Likewise, you can try to go to the casting of the film.Such samples for the filming of the movie is very serious and there will be no mercy for the child or adult.You have no right to make a mistake.If you are invited to participate in the casting, you will need to learn the text.It will issue a preliminary manager,

Additionally, you'll need to think about how to play your image, which you also tell in advance.Directed already decide whether you are suitable for this role or not.

How to get to the porn casting - another concern of not many.The procedure is the same as for a conventional film, but the difference will be in the cast portfolio.It must be of an erotic nature.But keep in mind, engaged in legal porn business only a few, so the chance to get on the illegal business somewhere in a rented apartment is great.Be carefull.

professionally made portfolio - that's half the battle.Also popular video portfolio in which your ability to better disclosed.


Did you inspire the ways in which today is already well-known actors who made their way to kinoprostory:

  • Oksana Fandera won in the "Moscow beauty".Soon, the filmmakers began to offer it to play a prominent role.
  • Alexander Loye at the age of five years was seen a film crew of "Mosfilm" and was invited to star in the episode.Then he received an invitation from the Sverdlovsk film studio for the lead role in the film "Trant Ventoux".
  • Dmitry Kharatyan accidentally turned on film samples with his girlfriend.He was cast immediately.
  • Lykshin Basil began to act in films after the children's homes and colonies for minors.Svetlana Stasenko gained crowd and saw him, and later the directors pulled the boy from the orphanage.
  • Vasiliy Prokopiev, one of the heroes of the series "thunder", was in the movie, when one came snack in the "McDonald's".He was noticed and invited to audition in the television series.
  • Oksana Akinshin responded over the radio announcement of the competition for the title role in the film "Sisters".After a conversation with the director Sergei Bodrov was cast.

You can read more information here - "How to go casting?".If you read this article, then surely you do not believe in the myth that the film is difficult to get that in this closed world can only work through connections and acquaintances.Those who wish to get into the movies need to constantly participate in the auditions, learn theater skills, you can try to start to realize itself in advertising campaigns.Who is constantly looking for new fresh faces, so that the road is open.