How to cut the trout ?

How to cut the trout ?

Trout fish is the price, which has excellent flavor and nutritional qualities.By cleaning the trout is meant removal of the skin and spine, rib bones, innards, tail, fins and head.How to cut a trout right?When cleaning and cutting on a fine trout ridge portion is not separated.In some cases, trout preparing a whole when the fish gut and only released from the scales.

How to clean a trout up to 200 grams

small trout cleaned as follows.Fish carcass washed thoroughly under cold running water.Further, special scissors for cleaning fish or a sharp knife make an incision from the sternum to the anal fin along the abdomen.Also, make cuts from the pectoral fins to the side gill plates and a lower jaw trout.The finger of the left hand to hook the lower jaw, and the thumb of his right hand picks up through the incision under the jaw and remove the gills with the pectoral fins and the other internal.Cut off the remaining fins.Then, holding the trout with his right hand, the left, taken by the head and pull

ed her back, breaking the backbone.Continuing the movement started, "stocking" is removed from the skin of the fish.Skinned up the middle shift trout in the left arm, the right end the operation.Cut off the tail, the interior of the wash is removed from the ridge blood clots, tidying their fingers and a knife.

How to clean a trout larger

Major trout reservoirs.To do this, the fish cleaned, gutted, as described in the previous section, cut the pelvic fins.Next, make an incision on one side of trout from the pectoral fins to the ridge along the gill covers.Hold the tool parallel to the ridge, and clicking on it, cut off the top part of the carcass.Turning trout on the other side, repeat the procedure.Thus, once separated fins, tail, head and ridge.It remains clear, both resulting halves of the large bones of the ribs.To do this, each of the parts are placed skin side down, the bones were removed, cutting them all at once flexible, sharp knife.The knife should be maintained without touching the meat, the bones, or the pulling them with tweezers.Not turning, with fillet cut the skin, this procedure begins with the tail, gently pressing the table knife.

few tips

Before butchering fish, it is useful to get a well-sharpened special knife with a long, flexible blade."Feeling" the shape of fish, a knife better quality separates the bones and skin from meat.Assuming remove the skin, it makes no sense to release it from the scales, then we should not do when cooking broth.To fish is not slipping while cutting, you can dip your toes in the salt.