As snails reproduce ?

As snails reproduce ?

This article is about how the snails reproduce.To begin with, we note that the snail is one of those types who are present at the same time both male and female sex organs.At the time of ripening particularly preferably the floor is usually changed to female.We now proceed directly to the process of reproduction of snails.

How to breed snails in nature

reproduction in snails occur no more than once a year, with the desire of snails mate might guess by its behavior.Snail slowly begins to crawl and make frequent stops, if not a long time stops in one place.Once on the road there are two snails ready for reproduction, begins "love games."The process of "grooming" is rocking snails from side to side, then both snails are beginning to be drawn up and touch the soles, feeling each other oral lobes and shupaltsami.Then snails tightly pressed against the soles of one another and lie so for about 30 minutes.After that, the game is continued for about two hours, and then there is, in fact, the pairing p


During mating snails alternately toss each other into the body of limestone needles - the so-called love arrows snails.So mating both snail also act as male and as female.Different species of snails process of copulation takes different times.For example, a well-known snail it takes only a few minutes, but there are species that can mate and a few hours.Eggs snail spread in a pit in the ground, and sometimes under the stalks of plants.After the snail will lay in a hole the last egg, onaee asleep.Snails usually lay 30-40 eggs in white or pearl white.The fruits appear after three weeks.There are viviparous snails.This species such as red-rimmed melania, Malay and giant African snail.It should also be noted that about a third of the snails die during breeding.

As razmozhnayutsya snails in the aquarium

ampulyarii - the most common type of aquarium snails - are different from other species that have a long breathing tube, through which they can easily breathe atmospheric oxygen, not rising at the same time to the water surface of the aquarium.Also ampulyarii differ in that they are dioecious, but to distinguish male and female is virtually impossible for external signs.Shortly after mating, the female begins to look for a place to lay eggs.It should be noted that ampulyarii lay their eggs in the air - in the main, on the walls or on the tank lid, so watch out for, so that the snail is not crawled out of the aquarium, because otherwise it will die.Gluing the glass eggs for the eggs, the female forms a peculiar bunch, very similar to the grape, from which three weeks to hatch small ampulyarii and will fall directly into the aquarium.

And a few words about melanidah (Melanie) - these snails are often found in aquariums, where they are an excellent indicator of the state of water in the aquarium.If the water is dirty, snails from her crawl.Multiply Melania viviparous way, unlike most of its "tribeswoman".They do not lay eggs, but soon give birth to live young.