How to cut the pike ?

How to cut the pike ?

Deciding to cook fish cakes, nourishing soup or some other dish of pike, most housewives are wondering, "How to cut a pike fillets?".Meanwhile, this case is quite simple and does not take much time, just 20 minutes.Only you will need to take care of a cutting board and a sharp knife.

Prepare fish

first step is to prepare the fish.Before you clean the pike, it should be thawed.You can do this by using the microwave, or simply put the fish on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in a small bowl with water.Prepared fish need to rinse well under running water and gently pat dry.

Burke pike

The first step is to cut with a sharp knife pelvic fins with a thin strip of skin by making an incision in the abdomen of the fish from the gill on the line.Then you need to rip the belly and gently remove the insides.This is followed by a pike divided into two halves by means of a sharp knife along the ridge line of the pike from the gills to the tail.As a result, you get a piece of fillet of pike, while the s

econd half will remain the spine and head.Next, you need to separate the flesh from the ridge.What should be on the table, turn the backbone of the second half of the pike and, using a sharp knife, a deft and swift movement to cut the fillets.After that, remove the bones, cut with a sharp knife the lower edge of the fillets, which were located inside.

Now you need to separate the pulp from the skins of fish.To do this, put a piece of fish fillets to a sandpaper down.Then, with one hand with a fork presses on the part of the tail of the fish to a cutting board, and with the other hand remove the fillets with the skin, quickly spent knife along the skin from the tail up.These steps should be repeated with the second half pike.That's all pike fillet ready.

Now you know how to cut a pike, and a dish of this fish is useful to become a frequent guest at your table.It is worth noting that in some countries, dishes made from pike, are considered a delicacy, and her diet, very delicious meat is useful to eat as people aged and young children because it is rich in B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and magnesiumthat helps to cleanse the body of toxins, improve mental activity, maintain a healthy heart and normalize blood pressure.