How to breed turtles ?

How to breed turtles ?

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How to breed turtles?

Each person has their own hobbies.Some people like to do flowers, someone raises rabbits, and someone like breeding of exotic animals.Let's analyze in this article as breeding turtles.It should be noted that the turtles bred krasnouhih fairly infrequently.The most sensible thing would be to take a turtle that has been bred in captivity.To do so, seek help from an experienced terrarium or in a pet shop.

Krasnouhie turtles are breeding

While growing turtle is very important point is the pairing.But more important than the right to leave a small and fragile offspring.

  1. is important to know that there is a "maturing" species of turtles, they include red-eared sliders.Propagation, in this species, possibly aged about three years.
  2. pairing, it is possible from February to May.Typically, reproduction krasnouhih turtles occur in the water, but it is possible and on land.At the meeting, the male is located in front of the muzzle of the female, and she
    is trying to sail forward.But again, the male swims to her back and tickles his chin claws his lady.
  3. order to lay eggs the female comes ashore and, after moistening the ground water from anal bubble pulls back paws slot.It is subsequently laid eggs.
  4. eggs, on average, at krasnouhih turtles in diameter, not more than four centimeters.In the nest of about six to ten pieces.After the female buried their eggs in the ground, it takes longer for them and do not ever come.And, after about one hundred and thirty or one hundred and fifty days are born small turtles.
  5. If you decide to breed turtles at home, you will need to create for this specific condition: good food, good habitat for a great place to move.
  6. is important to take into account the fact that at a time when red-eared sliders reproduce, they need a rest.This also applies to outside noise, and vibration.You should not be taking on the hands and touch.
  7. As a place to lay eggs is perfect for any container filled with peat or sand.Of course it should be fine to bug was free to climb into it.
  8. As for the water temperature in the terrarium or aquarium, it must be from twenty-two to twenty-six degrees.
  9. Once you see that female laid eggs, a container of sand is placed in an incubator.But already there is a temperature should range from twenty-eight to thirty degrees.The role of the incubator can perform jar standing in a warm place and filled with wet sand.
  10. Cubs should be placed in a separate cage.As adults they can hurt.
  11. As for feeding, the newborn turtles prefer a variety of animal food.For example, daphnia, bloodworms, gammarus, koretra, as well as soft vegetable food.Feed should be in moderation, not overfeeding.

Now you know how to breed turtles.Video on this interesting topic will be as instructive.Remember that if you decide to breed turtles, it took on certain obligations, so be extremely careful and accurate with these fragile animals.