How to clean a flounder ?

How to clean a flounder ?

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How to clean a flounder?

Many people like a fish, like flounder.To learn how to clean a flounder, tell our article.

  • Please rinse thoroughly acquired flounder, then you need to cut off her head and remove the insides, which are not suitable for consumption.Make it very simple and quick:
    • flip flounder light her face up, so you will see how best to make an incision for the upcoming removal of her head and all internal
    • then you need to make an incision in her abdomen and remove the insides convenient way
    • Nowneed more time to thoroughly rinse the carcass of the fish
  • Your next step - is circumcision lateral fins flounder.This is best done with special scissors that are sure to have everyone in the kitchen.It is necessary to try to take a small amount of boneless flesh of fish, cutting off its fins.
  • To prepare the plaice in some recipes is not necessary to complete the purification of flounder from her skin, which is why sometimes you will simply scrape it a littl
    e sandpaper to get rid of small scales.But it is believed that in the process of preparing this fish an unpleasant smell can come just from her skin.If you smell a worrying, you just need to get rid of unwanted skin.
  • In the case when the fish was previously frozen, then this skin can be removed quite easily a few strokes.When you have purchased fresh fish, it is necessary to act very cautiously.The skin should be gently pry the entire width of the fish, then with an effort to tear or pull it in the opposite direction from the direction of the cut made.
  • Now, finally, you can separate the fillet from the bones of fish, but it is possible and so to leave - it depends primarily on the particular cooking recipe.Many people wonder: how to clean a flounder.Video of different recipes you can find on the Internet.You can also make a couple of notches on the butt a little prisolit it and leave for 30 minutes, after which you must wash the fish from the salt residue.All the fish ready for cooking.

Now you know how to clean a flounder!