As hens lay eggs ?

As hens lay eggs ?

Birds egg formation process occurs in the system, which was worked out by nature over millions of years.Wild birds that carry the eggs a little (only for procreation), virtually no experience failure in the mechanism of oviposition.And the chickens, which people have turned into a kind of factory production of eggs, this function is often disturbed.After thoroughbred laying hen per year can provide up to 300 eggs.How is the process of formation of eggs, hens lay eggs and what functional changes occur in the body - it is dedicated to our article.How formed


To understand how a chicken lays eggs, a little stop on the laying of physiology.The ovary of this bird is a lot of eggs in various stages of development.Each egg is located in its own shell - the follicle.After that, the yolk (mature egg), coming out of the follicle enters the oviduct.Movement of mature ova for genital tract takes time over 20 hours and begins to grow into and other protein shell regardless of whether the process of fer

tilization occurred or not.

After 30-40 minutes after the chicken laid an egg, the egg is already next enters the oviduct.This is normal.But it also happens that two eggs come in a sexual way.If the outputs between them was a short period of time, then there is the formation of an egg with two yolks.In the event that the second output pripozdnilis yolk will then first egg in the shell, and the other - "naked."Use this egg is inherited, but has no effect on product quality.

Infertile eggs (without a nucleus) are called dietary, ie hens lay eggs without a rooster.This physiological characteristics based production of eggs at poultry farms.

Abnormal phenomena

How old hen lays eggs?On poultry farms for the production of chicken eggs are used, as a rule, no more than 2 years.The thing is that producing more than 250 eggs a year, the body is laying much wear and is no longer able to maintain a high egg production.The high degree of intensive use and can be attributed to some anomalies.

  • For example, a common phenomenon is considered, if a young chicken very first 10-20 eggs will carry the small size.
  • Sometimes chicken can carry tiny egg, which contains only the protein.These eggs are called fat.They are produced by accident, when a small cluster of the protein accumulates in the oviduct and is enveloped shell.
  • Chickens lay eggs without the shell - what does it mean?When the birds begin to lay eggs in the soft-shell or even leathery film while talking about what to feed chickens for such there is a clear shortage of phosphorus and calcium.The deficit for some time covered by the microcells chicken bone.But if time does not take action, it can lead to the death of hens.
  • eggs in the ovaries of education process is regulated by hormones.If hormones is disrupted, the shell of the follicle may rupture too early, so bloody spots may appear in the egg.Eggs with such abnormalities may occur in chickens under stressful situations, and some viral diseases.In such cases it is necessary to improve the diet of poultry and its contents.If this is not effective, then you should contact your veterinarian.