How to cut a pig ?

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How to cut a pig?

Today let's talk about how to cut the pig house.To start you need to prepare before slaughter pig.In the 12 hours before slaughter pig is better not to feed, if you value your pants or shoes.Be sure to prepare a place where it will be slaughtered.Bring all the necessary things in advance so you do not rush in search and not to force the pig to suffer once again.Sharpen knives for cutting and slaughter of the animal.Some are beginning to run to the neighbors and ask how to slaughter pigs, you just read to the end, you will know how to do it.

Slaughter pigs

first way of how to cut a pig, the simplest of all that is.You just take a knife and thrust it into the heart of a pig.But even here there are some nuances.Then you need a good knife, and not some Chinese plastic.It should ideally be sharpened.Of course, you need to know where to strike.Remember, a pig heart in the same way as a person who is on the left.heartbeat can be felt by hand.The pig will

squeal short time and twitch, so you need to keep it even.Why keep?The fact that the pig blood is also edible.It is necessary to keep the pig, the blood is not scattered throughout the site.Then, when the pig has passed away, it was treated by fire to the hair on the skin does not remain, beetles, bacteria.After this it is necessary to wait until the pig has cooled down, and begin to carve it.

If you have a permit for a firearm, such as a gun, this method is for you.We prepare all the same thing as in the previous method, but we need only knives knives for cutting.More needs an assistant to hold the pig during the slaughter.Do the following: one person firmly holds the pig, the second puts the barrel of a gun behind her ear pig, no matter for what.We make a shot.Pig instantly falls, the man who held her, most likely, is to wash.Next, begin to carve.Plus, this method is that the pig died instantly.For a person who does not have strong mental stability, it is most suitable because the pig does not emit almost no sound.The downside is that out of your head and then have to tediously vykolupyvat shot or bullet.

butchering pigs

most important part - is razdelyvanie.You will need to throw out the unnecessary delay and right.There is already a purely personal matter, someone like that, who currently is and leaves.If you love blood sausage, blood need to empty the cup in a bucket, bowl or something like that.The intestines should be cleaned.But the rest of the all clear, only meat left.It needs to be cut and either freeze or roast and eat, and it is better to do something, and more.Salo solim in banks, preferably glass, so is the taste of fat.

Here are the main methods of slaughtering and butchering pigs.If all our advice seemed to have complex, you can watch a video on how to cut the pigs.