How to choose the eggs ?

How to choose the eggs ?

today by going to any store, you can only wonder abundance of products, which previously could only dream of.One such product is the red caviar.Of course, buy it mostly just for a holiday, but to know how to select high-quality caviar, you still need.In order not to spoil and were satisfied with your purchase, you should know how to choose the caviar.After all, the stores of its great variety, can be bought or sold by weight in the banks, the problem is only in the price.And the high price does not always guarantee a high quality product.Also, there is no guarantee that you will not be plucked on a corrupted or artificial eggs.

How to choose the eggs

Buying eggs, should be guided by simple rules that best protect you from defective product.So, buy the best product in the audited stores.The ideal situation would be if the company sells itself engaged in fishing and packing of red caviar.Too weak or tight shell eggs, the presence of excess fluid mean low quality product.When purchasing caviar in t

ins and glass jars, make sure that it does not rolls from edge to edge, and fills the voids without tight jar.

before selecting caviar in bulk, you should pay particular attention to the friability of grain.Feel free to purchase can the eggs, which eggs do not stick to the blade and can be easily separated from each other, and if they fall down and have a mass of sticky grains burst, then the purchase should be abandoned.Buying caviar in banks, should pay attention to the numbers, if they are printed or pressed through from the outside, then you are in the hands of a fake.You also need to know that this product has a two-digit number, ie, the date of manufacture and the master room, and be sure the word "caviar" in the third row.While on this forgery can not be.

What kinds of fish provide a good spawn?

the question of how to choose eggs tasty, it is necessary to pay attention to what kinds of fish give such eggs.A truly valuable product is presented various kinds of salmon, such as salmon, coho, sockeye, chum salmon, trout.In terms of utility, the amount of protein and fat all the eggs are exactly the same, but the taste and appearance they are quite different.And in this case it is necessary to rely on your taste in the selection of caviar.First popular is salmon roe.Firstly, this fish is among the most prolific salmon, and secondly, its eggs have a universal taste, and like the majority of consumers.

Eggs pink - medium in size, not more than 5 diameter, orange or light orange color with fairly fragile shell.If we talk about a fish coho salmon caviar, it is small and its eggs have a burgundy shade.It tastes a little bitter.

Grains of red salmon caviar slightly smaller than that of salmon, and add up to a diameter of about 4 mm., And the product is very rare to find for sale because of the destruction of the fish.Red caviar flying fish came to our table with the Japanese rolls, so knocked out of the valuable product.Since its flying fish spawn, not salmon and its eggs are colorless in reality, and the red color they acquire through the addition of sauces and condiments.Therefore, the manufacturer can successfully make them green, black or blue.

chum salmon caviar on the size of the eggs is not inferior to salmon, and it can reach a diameter of 5-6 mm.Large eggs have the proper spherical shape, their color is bright orange-amber.Of course, they must be clearly visible specks of fat-buds.For his spectacular view caviar product used to decorate dishes.However, Siberian salmon caviar taste like not all, this is due to the fact that its shell is quite thick.

If you're a fan of trout eggs, then before choosing the eggs of the fish on the table, it should be noted that it has the smallest eggs, has a diameter of 2-3 mm.Also, this product is easily recognizable by the color of caviar can be from yellow to bright orange.

Speaking of caviar fish chinook, it is the largest in diameter, its eggs may reach 6-7 mm.They certainly should have a red intense color and flavor - tangy and bitter.If the seller tells you that this caviar chinook, should be wary because this fish is listed as endangered, and its caviar can not be found in stores.Either it will be a fake, or poaching a product that, in any case, can threaten poisoning.

Caution: Artificial caviar

To understand how to choose the eggs, one must also learn to identify artificial eggs that in any case it does not buy.As a rule, it is composed of protein products - namely, eggs, milk, gelatin, plus everything it is saturated with fish flavorings, colorings and flavor enhancers.To instead of natural caviar not buy a substitute, should focus on price and read the inscription on the label.So, the price of a kilogram of the natural product may be cheaper 600 rubles.In addition, artificial eggs usually without holes, embryos, perfectly round, have a sharp smell of herring, while bite stick to the teeth and burst in your mouth.It's worth noting that if the manufacturer diluted natural artificial eggs by 10-15% and mix well, then find almost impossible to counterfeit.Considering all of the above tricks manufacturers, it is important to know how to choose the eggs, and each product is carefully considered before buying.The only way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the fakes.