As hamsters give birth ?

As hamsters give birth ?

child asks a hamster, but you do not know how to care for them?And most of all you are afraid that you do not know how they reproduce and what to do in childbirth?As hamsters give birth?This interested many who are going to have a home is a small animal.

When possible pairing

At the age of three to six weeks, many representatives of the world of hamsters can mate already.But there are those that have already mated three weeks earlier.But do not rush to be the case, as the five months they had the body develops intensively.If the female becomes pregnant up to three weeks, it could provoke her rickets or any else complications.Moreover, it can eat their young.But late pregnancy, after six months, too, does not benefit, complications may also not give seed to grow.Between the first and second mating make a break to the female could rest, approximately three to four months will be spent on the animal's recovery.After a year the female loses the ability to give birth to new offspring.

If the female is pregnant

Sixteen days - a period of pregnancy in female hamster.Sometimes he would be extended for one or two days.After the tenth day, you can definitely see that the female is pregnant.There hamsters, whose brooding females from eighteen to thirty days.During his lifetime, the female offspring can lead up to twenty times.Deliveries are usually at night, in a time when nobody sees.Often when buying this animal ask the question: how many hamsters give birth?Typically, in a litter is not less than ten hamsters.They are born hairless, blind and deaf, but they distinguish smells very good.You can download the video on the Internet, like hamsters give birth.If offspring have appeared, then you have to take care where to move it.

It so happens that the term of pregnancy takes place, and no offspring.This means that it has a problem in the body, or she was not pregnant.This animal is an interesting time in the body, if during pregnancy with a female that is not the case, the fruit of a resolve in the middle of it.If you notice that there is a female health problems, it is best to show it to the vet.