As mate a horse ?

As mate a horse ?

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As mate a horse?

In horse breeding has long been considered the question of how to mate a horse and how to get the most thoroughbred horses.Let's look at the different kinds of mating and insemination in horses.

Natural insemination

Mating horses in a natural environment comes after a mare comes into heat.It all starts with sniffing mare feces and urine.This stallion knows when the mare comes hunting period.Also mare shows itself in every possible way, especially if it is unfamiliar: walks in small steps, arches his neck.Horses sniff the genitals.Then the stallion tries first of your batch on the mare.If it pushes its hooves, the stallion at the time of leaving her alone, but always keeps in sight until a new attempt.

Artificial insemination

As mate a horse by artificial insemination?This usually occurs in a dedicated facility for the breeding, where the stallion.Also frozen stallion semen, long stored and transported over long distances.Mare sperm is introduced

artificially.Insemination by this method is becoming increasingly popular.Also, in vitro fertilization is the most safe, as it reduces the risk of injury during intercourse and prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.


mating mares associated with the sexual cycle.Usually they take place several times a year.The duration and frequency depends on the individual characteristics of the mare and external climatic conditions.There are deadlines mass horse breeding from March 15 to August 1, but mating is advised to carry out in early spring.It is believed that foals born during this period, better grow and develop.Puberty in mares and stallions occurs between the ages of 1 and 2 years, respectively, to indulge in mating mares can only be after the end the overall development of the body.During the onset of sexual attraction mare ready for fertilization.There comes a time when she admit to myself stallion and is able to conceive.

Kinds of coverings:

  1. Manual mating - in period of hunting is carried out in the stallion mating with a specially enclosed space, such as in an arena.Before tupping harness worn on the mare to the stallion she did not hit.To avoid damage to the penis tape up the mare's tail.
  2. kosyachny mating - is used in horse breeding.In the pasture of mares producing group, which initially grouped in 20-25 goals, and one stallion, which he finds a mare.When kosyachny mating stallion contained in the jamb.
  3. Varkovaya mating - is also used in breeding herds.However, if the stallion is constantly conceals the same mare as a result it is not allowed to brews the next day.There is a clear control over to the stallion wings of different mares, but not the same.After mating with one or two mares stallion put in stables and herd in the pasture produce.When conceiving this way the chance of birth of thoroughbred horses is very high.

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Mating horses - serious process, especially if the task of breeding thoroughbred horses - in this case it is important to choose the right kind of pairing.