How to jerk fish?

How to jerk fish?

Fish - one of the most delicious and healthy food on our table.It has a high nutritional value and is characterized by ease of assimilation.There are many ways to cook fish, one of the most popular is the stockfish.This method is available in almost every lover pampered delicious and tasty fish.Each has its own gourmet recipe for jerk fish.We will tell you one of them.

Which fish to choose?

Not every fish is suitable for drying, but only that meat which as it matures in the natural drying under the influence of solar heat and fresh air.Under these conditions, the fish gets unique specific taste and aroma.Fat content and freshness are also important factors when selecting fish.Best for drying fish - a roach, bream, roach, bream, roach, saber fish, carp, pike, bass, capelin, ide and other fish species.

preparation and processing

jerk fish at home is easy.Most often, medium-sized and small fish salted vyalyat without gutting.In this case, the subcutaneous and visceral fat in the process of drying

fish permeates the flesh, making it much tastier.The differences between how the jerk fish in winter and how it vyalyat summer, almost none.In the summer only need to more closely monitor the compliance with sanitary norms and to consider some of the details.For example, in the summer the fish intended for drying, it is advisable to gut, since most of the fish in this period eat greens, and it decompose inside the abdominal cavity, gives the product a bitter taste in combination with an unpleasant odor.In addition, in the summer the fish can be contaminated with the larvae of flies, so it is advisable to rinse after washing with vinegar (3%).Major fish is recommended to cut along the back, not the belly.Then the fish layers and straightened.

Salting the fish must first pickle before jerky.Take a container with a specially prepared solution of sodium chloride at a concentration of 4: 1 and there immersed prepared fish carcasses.On top put the press.You can use dry salting, pour the fish with salt and put under pressure.The duration depends on salting the fish size, ambient temperature, and your taste preferences.In most cases, this process may take from 5 days to 2-4 weeks.

determine the degree of salting of fish simply.To put this in a fish tank is sufficient with normal water.If the fish is not floated, then the salt concentration in it is high enough in this case it would be better to soak in the water to get rid of excess salt.After salting before you begin the process of drying, you must thoroughly wash and dry the fish.


After prosolilas fish, you can proceed directly to it to dried.For this purpose, you will need a string to string fish and a special box, knocked together from strips and covered with mesh or gauze.This will provide the necessary air flow for the chapping of fish and protect it from flies.

vyalyat fish certainly on warm sunny days outdoors in a shady spot (in any case not in the sun, otherwise the fish will lose a lot of moisture and is tasteless).It is important that in the process of drying fish carcasses do not touch each other.The duration of drying depends on the size of the fish and is 2 weeks for the small fish, and 4-5 weeks - for the big fish.


In conclusion, we must add that the dried fish require special storage conditions.And here it is important to know, in addition to how to jerk fish, the conditions of its storage.The wet room is not suitable for these purposes as dried fish in it quickly deteriorates.Dried fish also loses its nutritional and taste qualities.It is best to store dried fish in limbo, wrapping net, loose tissue in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place necessarily.