How to decorate cream cake ?

How to decorate cream cake ?

Talents are different.How not to enjoy the skill of those who know how to make cakes, not only sweet, but also very beautiful!After decorate cream cake - a real art that turns an ordinary cake into a masterpiece.

How to decorate a cake

Classic version cake decorating - cream.Creams are oil, sour cream, fruit, cheese, condensed milk, and others.But the main species, which makes a lot of options, all three;custard, cream and protein creams.If you do not know how to decorate a cake with a cream, but you need to do this, be sure that it is quite easy.At home, most often cooked oil or protein cream.

How to cook cream

protein cream

looks great cakes decorated with cream protein recipe is very simple.We offer one of the recipes.

  • 240 g sugar Pour 7 Art.l.water and boil the syrup for 10-15 minutes over medium heat.
  • While the syrup is cooked, you will have time to whip 3 egg whites to a froth.
  • thin stream, pour the syrup into the whites, still beating for at least 5 minutes.
  • When the foam strong, behind the Corolla, the cream is ready.

Oil Cream

If you think about how to decorate a cake butter cream, then there is a very simple recipe.

  • 250 g butter pound-hot.
  • Add egg yolks in it - 3-4 pieces.and 180 g of powdered sugar, continue to rub.
  • When the cream is soft and uniform, you can add the fillers: crushed nuts or a little liqueur and vanilla.

Cake Decoration

From creams do different decorations.It can be classic roses and leaves, and can be and abstract decorations or any pictures that are capable of your imagination and artistic talent.If interested, look like cakes decorated with cream and other masterpieces masters, you can easily find them in culinary magazines.

became traditional confectionery syringes or kornetiki with nozzles.With these simple tools, you can draw roses, leaves, chrysanthemums and other flowers, stems, beautiful borders on the edges of the cake.

In the absence of these tools, you can make a one-time kornetik of an A4 sheet of thick paper.Construct a cone of it - bag, cut off the tip at an oblique line, the angle should look down.Fill the cream and gently squeeze on the cake, making sure that the bag does not fall apart.

Do not forget about food dyes, by which your cake will please a variety of colors.As decoration, you can use pieces of fruit, including uploaded jelly.It is also widely used coconut or chocolate chips.