How to eat oysters ?

How to eat oysters ?

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How to eat oysters?

Oysters - is not only a traditional delicacy in the French restaurant to make at least a delicious dish of them can be at home if you wish.However, most of the living or frozen oysters just eaten in its pure form.Let us consider how to eat oysters.First, let's talk about how they have to choose, because if you buy stale oyster, you can very much poisoned.

Choose and prepare oysters

Choose undamaged oysters that have flaps closed.Also you can find fresh oysters without shells.All those oysters need to be puffy, the same size and be in a transparent liquid.

Live oysters should be put on ice, cover with a towel and stored in the refrigerator.Storage life - not more than five days.Without oyster shells can be kept in a brine tank is not more than a day.Prepare a solution in a proportion of 0 to 5 hours. L.salt to one cup of water.However, as far as possible the oysters are best eaten immediately after purchase.

launder before using oyster shells

on the sand under running water using a stiff brush.Open the oysters must be right before eating or cooking.From oysters to open or have damaged shells are best to get rid of.

As there are oysters: User

to eat an oyster, it is necessary to open properly.Do not forget to check the freshness of oysters:

  • If fresh oyster, the shell should seek ajar slam.
  • fresh oyster responds to the acid.After opening the oysters it made to drip a little lemon juice to taste.Watch the oyster reacts to it.Live a little oyster winces from the acid.
  • addition to the oysters body, inside there is also a special liquid.At stale oyster it follows, and the weight of the oysters are fresh seem easier.

If you suspect that the oyster is not fresh, it is better not to have them.

How to open an oyster

  1. Oyster lay on a napkin or towel and take the left hand, or put it on a plate and stick with the flat leaf on top.
  2. knife (preferably exclusive use) is inserted into the place where the flaps are joined, like a lever and rotated until until a click.
  3. This is followed by a blade in the middle of the oyster crop top and the muscle that closes the flaps.
  4. Then, without turning the oyster that has not flowed out of its juice, shell open.
  5. If pieces fall into the sink, they need to remove the knife.Oyster is not washed.
  6. lower leaf spread on the ice, sprinkled with lemon juice.
  7. For the convenience of eating an oyster from the bottom should be trimmed.After that, it sort of sucked in one gulp - a way of living and eating oysters.You can also use a special fork or spoon to extract the meat oysters.Juice and drink.

frozen oysters cooked immediately after thawing.You can cook them, but no longer than a minute.Frozen oyster some lose their useful properties, but do not lose in taste.

What serve oysters?

For oysters complete can apply brown bread with butter, sauce, wine vinegar.Sami oysters are usually served with lemon wedges.Also suitable for oyster seasoning of olive oil and sour or hot sauce Tabasco.To salt oysters are not accepted.

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