How to decorate a birthday cake ?

How to decorate a birthday cake ?

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How to decorate a birthday cake?

Modern technology and a variety of recipes of dishes as the design on the Internet and in books on cooking, help create a truly original and birthday cake for any occasion.Cakes, completely covered with colored mastic pastry or cream beads turn into real works of art.

If you yourself have decided to please their guests a delicious cake for the holiday, it is important to know how to decorate a cake for the birthday of a child or adult birthday, as well as how to choose a suitable label for the cake.Runtime error inscription read the article that I wrote on the cake.

decoration of mastic for children's holiday

Mastic - is a kind of sweet clay from which to make the original figures, flowers and whole scenes from favorite cartoons and fairy tales for the holiday cake.

Prepare mastic possible of the available ingredients, available in almost every local store.To prepare the mastic used marshmallow (chewing marshmallow), powdered sugar,

starch, citric acid and butter.To create different shades of mastic used gel food coloring.From

finished mastic, rolling, cutting and vyleplivaya various forms like plasticine, it is possible to produce a variety of figures and whole flower arrangements.Heroes of the cartoon Winx or Luntik, all kinds of bunnies and bears, as well as beautiful and tender roses, orchids or daisies so colorful and festive look on the surface of the cake that kids absolutely love these sweets.

decorated cake with fresh fruit

Very often, to arrange a cake for his birthday, used a variety of fresh fruits and berries.This is one of the easiest ways to paint decorate cakes at home.

design options fruit cake huge amount:

  • in a forest clearing, studded with different strawberries, currants, raspberries and blackberries;
  • a beautifully laid slices of oranges, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, etc.Slices of fruit laid out like a fan or section by section around the perimeter of the cake;
  • in the form of flower arrangements of orange and apple slices, previously dipped in jelly;
  • in the form of stories cut into slices of fruit (figures and letters).

cake decoration fruit can be combined with the use of mastic oil or cream.This cake will look just gorgeous, and undoubtedly appetizing.

not look less colorful cakes, decorated with colorful fruit jelly or completely covered with multi-colored beads confectionery.You can even do a photo on the cake surface.How else can you decorate a cake for his birthday, tells you the article How to decorate a cake.