How to smoke fish ?

How to smoke fish ?

Every lover of fish, it should be able to smoke.After all smoked fish is stored longer and has a specific aroma and taste, it will be an indispensable dish for any occasion, both in nature and at home.In this article you will learn: how to smoke fish and that the need for its smoked.

For a start it is worth noting that the fish is a hot smoked and cold.What are the differences between these two types of smoking?Elementary, at a temperature of cooking fish, well, in this regard, with its preparations for smoking.

Tips: how to smoke fish

  • taste of fish is largely dependent on the properties of the smoke, which she smoked, so it's important to choose the right wood.The raw material for the wood perfectly suited alder and juniper.However, there may come: oak, cherry, apple, hazel, ash, pear, plum.At least use birch.Be sure to clean the bark from the tree, that would be your fish does not taste bitter.Can not be used for the purpose of smoking conifers (pine, fir, pine).
  • Prepared wood must be chopp
    ed into small chips up to chips, here as you wish, and leave to dry.
  • For more flavor of fish, smokehouse, you can add aromatic herbs (sage, tarragon, basil, rye), leaves of alder or cherry.
  • properly light a fire on which is placed a smokehouse, or from which there is a chimney.First set fire to dried wood, and then reduce the fire, knocking leaves alder or cherry.
  • suitable fish only the first freshness For cold-smoked.
  • Before smoked fish must be washed, cleaned of scales and innards.Be sure to remove blood clots.Then, the fish must be prosolit, rubbed with coarse salt, both inside and outside.
  • During the drying of fish can not be allowed to it no insects, if you can not ensure the insulation of the fish from insects, better vyalte it indoors, not outdoors.
  • smoke fish better on a fine grid, so it is evenly prokoptitsya.
  • fish easier to smoke in the smokehouse, but if you do not, you can make a wick lamp in field conditions, digging a hole under fire and making a grating of fresh branches, or use of the furnace chimney.
  • For 5-10 minutes until cooked in the smokehouse, you can put a fresh sprig of juniper, it will give a special flavor to your fish.
  • smoked fish, if it is too smoky look can be wiped with a cloth moistened with a sunflower oil or cod liver oil.

How to smoke fish smoked?

Fish for smoked salted liberally, but not very much, and then it is left to the Ambassador for 1-2 hours, if the fish is fine, if it is big for 5-8 hours.

your next action will stockfish.For this, salted fish strung through the gills on the twine and hang out, covered with gauze from insects, it is done so that the fish would get rid of excess fluid.An hour later, shooting fish, rinse and proceed directly for smoking.

Why dilute a small fire, and put on it the prepared smokehouse: lay out the bottom of the prepared chips or sawdust on grill lay out the fish on its side, do not unpack fishes close to each other, placed so that they do not touch.Big fish is better to put on the lower grille.Oil lamp sealed.

in the smokehouse temperature should be 80-100 ° C.The hot smoke smoked must be saturated so that the fish will not be visible through it.After half an hour - hour small fish is ready, it may take 1.5 to 2 hours to prepare a big fish.Ready you can be identified by the golden-brown fish.Either he broke a small fish: the meat should be easy to keep up with the bones in the form of finished meat of smoked fish, the same as in boiled or fried.

When you check the readiness of the fish, keep chip or flared and burned fish.Once the fish is ready - set aside smokehouse with fire, and allow the fish to cool, and if you smoke the next batch - remove the fish from the smokehouse, lay the piece and let cool.It should be noted that the second and subsequent party Copts faster as smokehouse already warmed up.This fish is stored without a refrigerator for 2-3 days, and in the refrigerator for up to 1.5 months.

How to smoke fish smoked?

Fish for smoked salted stronger, so if you want it zavyalit, salted and left for 3-6 days.Then smaller fish thoroughly washed, and the large is soaked for a day, that would get rid of excess salt, remembering that the fish loses salt in fast flowing water.

next step is to wallow fish in the fresh air, which takes 2-3 days, after the fish dry out, it hung in the smokehouse for tails, so that it hung upside down.If the fish is very large, it can be cut along the ridge.Do not hang the fish back to back, it should not come into contact with each other.

In cold smoking, cooking time can be 1-6 days, depending on the size of fish, smoked cold smoke is made no more than 25 ° C.It is very important to use a smokehouse for cold smoking, which is located not directly over the coals campfire, and distance, and the smoke it enters through the chimney.The concentration of smoke in cold smoking should be such that the fish was clearly visible.Willingness of fish as defined by color - a golden-brown, but the meat of the fish should remain close to the bone, and be firm, with no unpleasant odors.Cold smoked fish stored without refrigeration for up to one month.

If you still have questions about how to smoke fish, the video on this topic will surely help.

is worth noting that if you do not have time for pickling, then smoked, you can do without it.The smoked no hard edges, you can bring him something from you, use your imagination, and your fish will be unique.

Now you know how to smoke fish in the smokehouse, and you are ready to taste a dish of their preparation.Good luck in your endeavors!