As whip cream?

As whip cream?

Perhaps many housewives faced with the phenomenon when trying to whip the cream at home, he did not have obtained.This is not surprising, because modern dairy products prepared in this way is not as previously, as a result, approximately, in a glass of cream present 2 tablespoons of water, which should not be in a cream at all.By whipping the product reaches a consistency that he must acquire.

Confectioners thickeners used in whipping, as which may be purchased or mixtures containing a mix of more thickeners, conventional fine grinding or starch, which allows the cream retain its form (starch absorbs unnecessary liquid in the cream).As thickener length cream and butter can be used, but exclusively prepared from dairy fats instead of vegetable.To learn how to whip cream right from cream and other products, used in the confectionery industry, today we'll talk.

whipped cream

To prepare the classic whipped cream, you need to take 200 grams of cream (cream take 35 percent fat), 60 grams of powdered

sugar, vanilla on the tip of a knife,?teaspoon of cream for thickening.The thickener can be replaced by gelatin (2d).Cooking cream begin only when the cream will stand for 36-48 hours in the refrigerator.

Fresh whipping cream is not recommended because they are very difficult to shake up.To prepare a good whipped cream, put on a few minutes beaters from mixer before the beginning of the process and the dishes, which will be whipped cream, in a cool place.Note that a negative influence on the process of whipping the warm air in the room, so if you have the opportunity to whip the cream in the room where the air temperature is 17-18 degrees, or even lower.At room temperature, the cream will get warm air masses, and result in a cream will not work.

If there is no possibility of whipping cream in a cold room, a bowl, whip cream which, put ice or put it in a container with the snow, to the cream constantly in the cold.Whipping cream as long as they do not increase in volume by 2-3 times.

If you need to cook the cream to decorate confection (curbs on the cake and other decorations), you need to prepare Disain cream, which are more similar to those of butter cream consistency.When whipping them do not use a mixer or hand beater and food processor with knife.

Before you make the whipped cream the ornamental, take 2 tablespoons to 2 cups creamsugar and a teaspoon of vanilla.Whipping a cream, constantly checking its consistency (almost every few seconds).To do this, touch a spatula to cream and check whether the peak is formed after you touch the cream on the surface or not.Lush cream not used for decoration because they are bad is deposited from a pastry bag with nozzles.

If the cream does not add any stabilizers, then it can only be added for flavor vanillin.If the cream is stabilized (about stabilizers mentioned earlier in this article), then it is possible to add any flavors and colors, including natural (juice, brandy, whiskey, liqueurs, etc.).This is very important because if there is a certain amount of cream in the water, without the addition of a thickening agent, but with the addition of flavorings, they "float".

Whipped cream cream

In fact, the sour cream with sugar is prepared according to the same principle as the whipped cream.Sour cream should be cooled as much as possible.Moreover, good cream obtained only when the product is in the minimum amount of liquid.Therefore, before you whip the sour cream, sour cream is desirable to drain the.This is done as follows: in a colander falls gauze, and she poured cream.Ottsezhivanie for several hours rid of sour fluid.

take the product, the temperature of which does not exceed 7 degrees, ideal for whipping cream with sour cream - 2 degrees.It maintained, as well as the cream in cold place 1.5-2 hours.Fat whipping cream 32-40%.At 200 grams of sour cream must use 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and a little vanilla for flavor.Sour cream is ready when its initial volume has increased by 2-3 times, but very gently whipped cream, because it instantly can turn into oil.

cream whipped proteins

To prepare the cream is whipped proteins, use egg whites that are as chilled and in which there is no water (separate the whites from the yolks should be perfectly dry dishes).Initially proteins whipped without sugar as long as they do not acquire the consistency of a thick foam.To better whipped whites, add a little salt in them and a couple of drops of lemon juice before whisking.

Beating start at a slow speed, gradually increasing it.On 3 protein it is necessary to take a part-time cup of powdered sugar, which is introduced in a little beaten egg whites in a thin stream.Once you have entered the entire volume of the powder, continue beating the cream still 7 minutes (the process can not stop, because the cream will not keep shape).