How to dry the fish ?

How to dry the fish ?

If you are - rampant fisherman, but a product of your activities - a fish, has nowhere to go, you just need to know how to dry fish.Zasushka fish is fairly common method of harvesting fish for the future.Our article aims to tell you how to dry fish correctly.

How to dry fish: Recommendations

for drying generally suitable only fishes weighing up to a kilogram.Undoubtedly, it is possible to dry and a 20-pound catfish, but it is sooo hard :) As for the species of fish, it is best to dry the fish low or moderate fat content, for example, roach, carp or dried fish.Clean the fish from scales is not necessary, the main thing - gut.If the fish for drying large, make an incision from head to tail - so it dries quickly.

mandatory step before drying the fish is salted it.The first priority is to extract salt excess moisture from the fish, rather than giving the taste as it might seem at first glance.Salt is better to choose a coarse, it will be dissolved for a long time, hence the moisture will absorb mor

e.You can also add spices, bay leaf.The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the taste will be bitter.Salted fish layers, stacking in a container, mixed with salt.

capacity with salted fish is left under the yoke of a few days.Oppression may serve some brick or stone.By the way, if you are interested in how to dry fish in the winter, then you should be pleased with the fact that the fish better prosalivaetsya cold.Not so fast, but qualitatively.Determine prosolilas fish or not, you can simply: pull the head and tail in different directions, well-salted fish creak.

Before zasushkoy fish should definitely wash the salt and mud projections.Here, too, there is a trick: Cast the fish in the water and start to wash as long as she did not begin to emerge.Perhaps it will take about a day.

For many people, land the fish, there is a serious problem.And it is maggots which infest the fish.To eliminate this problem, before drying the fish, wash it with a solution of vinegar drench or sunflower oil.Choose what you prefer.

Drying fish on the sun it is necessary, but so is your well windswept.Most often, the fish tied into bundles resembling necklaces, threading the thread through the eye of the suspension.Do not forget to cover the fish with gauze or even old tulle, it will protect it from the prospect of being obbegat flies.The drying time is usually limited to a week, but if your fish - large, it can take all 10 days.

So now we know how to dry fish.Be sure to try out these tips in action and share the results with your friends.Enjoy your meal and see you soon!