How to Beat the whites ?

How to Beat the whites ?

Many do not know how to whip the whites.Understand all the wisdom you will help our article in this issue, which will open a secret.Before you begin the process of whipping proteins need to know a few tricks that will help you to achieve fast and high quality results.

  • first it right to separate the whites from the yolks.If the department does not need to mix white and yolk.If flowed yolk, it is best to remove all the egg or carefully remove all of the yolk protein.
  • Once you have separated yolks and whites, whites put in the fridge to cool.If not enough time, you can even put in the freezer.
  • Third, pour chilled whites into a deep and absolutely clean containers.This is necessary for a good increase in their volume, about three or four times.
  • last thing to do before even whipping it in a bowl with the cooled proteins add a few drops of lemon juice (or a few crystals of citric acid), and a pinch of salt gramulechku.Everything is ready, you can start whipping.

How to Beat the whites to a froth?W

hipping, and it does not work?Frequently asked questions such Housewives.See what tools you have in your hands.Need for whipping mixer with two rotating nozzles, but in any case is not one.If one attachment, you can not whip the whites until foamy consistency.No mixer, take the hand cream beater or whisk (with a spring at the end).Hand tools will be longer, but the same result.Beat first on the lowest speed, it is especially important to work on the electric mixer, gradually increasing it.Soon foam is formed, the longer the whipping, the foam is whiter and denser.

How to Beat the whites with the sugar?All We perform as before.When whites whipped into a thick white foam add a thin stream, small portions of sugar.It is best to add the icing sugar, or very fine sugar.Beat further until sugar is dissolved.The rate should be small.If you use brown sugar, the difference is only in color, it will acquire a light beige color.Whipping should be approximately the same as spent on whipping the proteins themselves.After the foam becomes even thicker and whiter.Now she is ready.