How to hide the figure ?

How to hide the figure ?

In today's world, a lot of people who are dissatisfied with their appearance.That is why the question of how to hide figure flaws, is very relevant today.

One of the most affordable ways to correct "problem areas" - the right choice of clothes.The main thing - to know the advantages and disadvantages of the figure.


People of small stature should forget about bulky accessories, a major figure and bulk invoices in the toilet articles.It is also desirable to avoid the horizontal stripes, which are generally "cut" shape, and make it even lower.Most advantageous to look to wear high-waisted cut and simple as possible monochromatic colors (not to be used in the same way for more than 3 different colors).Girls increase small increase will also help to heels.

tall people are advised to follow completely the opposite advice.There should be no vertical stripes and small patterns on garments.It is necessary to use some contrasting colors in the same outfit ensemble.It is necessary to wear pants,

jeans, skirts with a low waist, visually shorten the leg.Forget about small elegant accessories.Bags, necklaces, earrings and so on. N. Should be massive, because they will be more harmonious look with this type of figure.


In today's world for many girls is one of the main problems of the figures - the small size of the breast.To visually increase the bust enough to choose the right bra.It should be understood that the bra size not greater to enlarge the breast, it only emphasizes the problem.In addition, it is recommended to wear loose shirts, blouses with ruffles and frills, but refuse flowing fabrics.

course, the problem of large breasts is much rarer, but still, there are women who are ashamed of your bust.So girls should give preference to the classic shirt with a V - neck, dark shades, simple, close-fitting fabrics and tailoring.

Belly Belly - is probably the most common problem area.To hide this flaw figures should avoid clothes with low waist, flowing fabrics, and fabrics with lycra.It is recommended to pay attention to the clothes of thick fabric, use a massive belt.In addition, it is not necessary to fill blouses, shirts and shirt into his trousers.


visually hide the full legs and heels to help smooth matte fabrics in dark colors.However, do not use black because it will only emphasize the lack of figures.It is advisable to wear skirts and dresses significantly above the knee, as well as slash hem.In addition, you should forget about the style of "military┬╗

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