How to decorate the fish ?

How to decorate the fish ?

How and what to decorate the fish depends on your imagination, culinary skills and product availability.Nevertheless, some general rules of decorating fish dishes do exist.Knowing them, you can always give his creation a refined and appetizing appearance.Now let's talk about how to decorate the fish in more detail.

It's all in the details

  • Think about dishes in which you plan to submit a fish on the table.It should be in style and color is well combined with the future of fish and decorations.For fish fed in whole, require special elongated oval dish.Do not get involved with cooking utensils close bright pattern on the background of the lost and the fish itself and all its ornaments.Ideal - pure white porcelain, crystal or stainless steel.
  • Embellish fish only those products that you are happy to eat with her.All decorations must be edible and taste blend with the main course, supplementing it.
  • Try to pick up decorations, contrasting in color with the main product.So against the background of r
    ed fish will look good cream rose made from butter and supplemented by green leaves of parsley, and white perch fillet better place red roses from tomatoes and black olives halves.
  • cold fish dish can be decorated in advance to tighten the film and put in the refrigerator until the arrival of guests.Hot dishes decorate before serving so they do not have time to cool decoration for them must be prepared in advance.

's all shared tips on how to beautifully decorate the fish.As you can see, they are quite simple and easy to implement.It remains only to offer a few concrete ideas on decorating fish dishes.

How to decorate a red fish

Red fish is often served sliced ‚Äč‚Äčthin wide slices, which are rolled up in a spiral into a rose and placed it on a lettuce leaf.Good for decoration red fish lemon slices of butter rose in the center where you can put a little red caviar and olives pitted, sprigs of dill and parsley, fans of fresh cucumber.

How to decorate

herring Herring fillet cut into thin slanting slices, spread in seledochnitsu, puts the head and tail, decorated with green onions, slices of boiled eggs, flowers of boiled beets and carrots and green peas.

How to decorate a stuffed fish

stuffed fish served on a large plate, cut into portions and prepared in the form of whole fish with the head and tail.Decorate its mesh of mayonnaise, slices of lemon, flowers or coins from a boiled carrot, crown, cut cucumber, daisies and lilies of boiled eggs, olives and shelled prawns.Around placed lettuce leaves and sprigs of greenery.