How to use the silicone form ?

How to use the silicone form ?

We all love to eat well.A lot or not much - it does not matter.The main thing is that the time to prepare would like to spend less.And as for cleaning and even more so.Therefore, every woman is looking for a way to simplify your work (or pleasure) in the kitchen.

Industry has taken care of us, and created such assistants as silicone molds.Soft and durable at the same time inert material - silicon.Because it creates not only shape for baking, and other kitchen utensils.Since it can withstand temperatures from - 40 ° C to + 250 ° C.And it does not release any harmful substances.

How To Use silicone mold

Such large temperature differences allow the use of the baking tin is very diverse.For example, you can cook the dish in the oven.Silicone molds are not only used in gas ovens, but also in power.And in Aerogrill and microwave.But more can be used in the refrigerator and freezer.Moreover, the forms are not afraid, if they put out of the freezer into the oven immediately.

How to use silicone molds?

When you bring a new form of shopping, do not forget to wash it with warm water and mild detergent.After washing - dry.Before first use, it should be lubricated (before baking).

After cooking, do not forget to wash the form of a soft sponge without abrasive (scratching the surface) funds.Again dry.Wash is also permitted in the dishwasher.After the dishwasher again have to be lubricated (when next used).

Silicone is very soft material, so you can fold the form, and while it does not deform.So you will save space in the kitchen, which is always not enough.You can not use the form directly on a gas or electric burner, that is to say over an open fire.It displays your form down.

How to cook in silicone forms

very simple - fill its test, or any other content - and forward to the culinary feats.Do not forget to put a form on the stand when the transfer elsewhere.Because of the softness of the material, you can throw the contents, and your culinary masterpiece "sees" only half.

How to bake the silicone form

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to form grease (depending on content).Do not use baking paper and sprinkle with flour (some benefit).The silicone form the dough (and not only) is baked faster than metal.So do not forget to keep track of time baking.

Once ready baking, leave the product in the form of a few minutes to cool.Then remove.How to do it?Slightly tilt or bend the shape of its edge.If you suddenly can not be removed - help with silicone or wooden spatula.

Through various options of shapes and sizes, you can get the original pies and cakes.Moreover, the silicone mold is suitable not only for baking dough products.It can be used for cooking meat and fish.You can cook a variety of casseroles, vegetables, cheese and so on.Forms suitable for the preparation of flood and jelly.Be creative.

Since the silicone mold is not toxic and does not absorb odors.It will use the same form for the preparation of cheese casseroles and jellied fish.

What else are silicone "helpers"

Variety silicone utensils helps us in the kitchen.The blades will help to lay the dough from the container, leaving nothing on the walls.Spoons and ladles facilitate problem when we try to eat (no burn option).Trays made of silicone to help cook the meat or fish (and then do not have to scrub away burnt juice).Small forms will help in the creation of portioned desserts.Moreover, not only cupcakes.For example, mousses, ice cream or berry desserts.

All this only in order to facilitate our work in the kitchen and more time left on sweetheart.Just do not skimp on the manufacturer.After all this reusable utensils.So do not fly in transit or on dubious outlets.Take care of your health!