How to choose a bra?

How to choose a bra?

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How to choose a bra?

correctly choose a bra is necessary not only for beauty, but for breast health.And for this it is important that this part of the wardrobe did not hesitate to form and sat like a glove.About how to choose a laundry, read on.

Choosing a bra at

form Depending on the size of the breasts, as well as the clothes you want to wear, you need to choose one or the other type of bra.

  • Classic.He is well closes the chest from the bottom and sides, has a medium-width straps.These models are suitable for most women, except, perhaps, the only women with very large breasts.For them to be found more convenient products.
  • Balkonet.Due to the low cups of this type of bra is essentially exposes breasts (almost to the nipple), supporting it only from below.The model will be good owners of small breasts, and for imposing the parameters it contraindicated - breasts will just fall out.
  • for large breasts.They firmly closed chest from the bottom and sides, hav
    e wide comfortable straps that will not rub, dig into the skin.Wearing such a model for women with appetizing forms, as a rule, very convenient.
  • bra corset.The product may be both thinner and denser with fine or wider straps.The peculiarity lies in the fact that under the cups is quite wide and thick strip of tissue that smoothes the transition from the body to the chest.Model like women with the extra inches in the abdomen and very large breasts.
  • Bras Invisible.They allow women to wear any number of open or thin clothes, not showing thus surrounding the details of underwear.In particular, this model can be created to dress with very low-cut or bras that give the opportunity to put on a dress with an open back.There is also a strapless bra with silicone cups.They are good as a thin open dress and a translucent blouses.
  • Push-Up.This model is ideal for small and medium breasts.Due to the gel or foam inserts in the cups, they lift the breasts, visually increasing its volume.The intensity of the Push-Up system can be arbitrary, and therefore will not be difficult to pick up the product, it is advantageous to emphasize the advantages of your breasts.
  • For pregnant.To simplify the process for a young mother feeding the baby, the model was created.Its peculiarity lies in the cups with slits through which is very easy to expose the breast feeding, and after all neatly closed.Also these products often have special pockets for cotton pads - in case the milk will leak.

bras also come in lace and smooth, satin.There are products with or without welds them.In addition, the market can find a huge amount of erotic bras original design.

Selects bra size

Before choosing a bra, you should calculate the size of their breasts.It is generally accepted to calculate the parameter for the yardsticks of the European system, which involves an indication of the amount in numbers and letters.The first will indicate the amount of the torso under the breasts, and the second - in the fullness of the breast itself (ie, the size of the cup).

To find your size with centimeter, to measure the diameter of the circle under the chest circumference and the diameter of the breast itself.Making measurements should be the most exposed point, without pulling too much centimeter (because the bra should not be sitting right next to you).To determine the cup size, subtract from the chest diameter diameter of the circle under the chest.The resulting value will correspond to a particular fullness:

  • 12-13 cm - A cup, 1 st breast size;
  • 13-15 cm - cup B, 2nd size;
  • 15-17 cm - cup C, the 3rd dimension;
  • 18-20 cm - cup D, 4th dimension;
  • 20-22 cm - a cup of DD, the 5th dimension.

These are the basic parameters, but the chest is a smaller and much more.In these cases, you may have to seek help from a seamstress.

Remember that your figure is really suitable bra does not leave traces on the body, redness and does not cause unpleasant sensations in the process of socks.If you are in this product are not too comfortable, chest falls during heavy traffic or peredavlivaetsya, the skin is going to fold in the armpits, then you need to find another product.It does not suit you.

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