As stuffed pike ?

As stuffed pike ?

Stuffed pike - this is one of the most coveted jewelry of any holiday table.Skillfully cooked, has a unique aroma and taste, it can not leave anyone indifferent party feast.This dish is usually "disappear" from the table first.Consider all the steps of creating this beautiful culinary masterpiece.

Choice pike

In the first step of preparation is a matter of choice fish.It is no secret that the older the fish, the worst taste qualities it possesses.Too small fish is rather difficult to prepare, too much does not have the required flavor characteristics.The optimum ratio for time to prepare and taste 1,2-1,7kg.Pike chose, now let's learn how to cook stuffed pike.

Preparation pike

Like any self-respecting meal, stuffed pike requires a list of ingredients.And so, we need to prepare:

  • loaf;
  • glass of milk;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 carrot;
  • salt and pepper (ground and peas) to taste.

Making sure that everything you need is at hand, proceed to the preparation of the fish.

Preparing fish

Before stuffing the pike to be cleaned, remove the gills and rinse with cold water.Next, cut off his head, and holding in one hand a spinal bone, gently twisting inside out, pulls together a skin in the direction of the tail.After reaching the ventral fins, sharp knife cut the skin under them.Near the tail pererubaet one of the last vertebrae, after a gut-wrenching skin face up.The shell, which we fill with minced meat is ready.

process stuffing

Next, consider how to prepare and how to cook stuffing stuffed pike.To start separate the fillet from the bones and missing a couple of times through a meat grinder (for cutting the opportunity to stay in the bone fillet).When you need to soak it in milk loaf pulp (soaked loaf amount should be equivalent to the amount of raw meat), and having mixed it with a fillet, skip the resulting mass through a meat grinder.The resulting minced salt, pepper, add 2 chicken eggs (raw) and carefully knead.The next step - is itself stuffing.Carefully, not very tight stuffing previously prepared envelope stuffing.After doing a toothpick or the tip of a sharp knife several punctures in the skin, or it may explode during cooking.Pike is ready for cooking.Consider how to cook stuffed pike.

How to cook stuffed pike

To prepare this dish should be at the bottom of enamelled pans cut into rings peeled carrots and onions and put the top of our head and pike.Fill with cold water so that it covered the little fish, add a few peas black pepper and put on high heat (you need as quickly as possible bring to a boil).Once boiled, remove the foam, put on a little fire (to the boiling intensity was minimal) and, uncovered, cook about 50 minutes.You may need to add water as boiling.After cooking, gently pull out the pike, laid on a long platter, cut into pieces and decorate with greenery.Bon Appetit.