How to make yeast?

How to make yeast?

Every housewife once in my life thought about how to make a homemade yeast.Most do not even try to cook them, fearing that it will not work.We'll tell you all about home yeast, and you can make them yourself.

How to make yeast hop

There are two options - they can cook a fresh hops and a dry.We will look at both options.

yeast, made from fresh hops

To make yeast, hops, fill the pot and fill it with very hot water.Then place the pot on a small fire and cook for an hour, tightly close the lid.Then, shut down, a little cool and strain broth.Add to it, at the rate of one liter and a glass of flour, half a cup of sugar and half a tablespoon of salt.The resulting mass should be very good mix until uniform and holding a two day in the heat.Then there is added two boiled mashed potatoes, stir and leave for a day.Everything - yeast is ready!Now they can be poured into a bottle and put in the cold.

yeast from dried hops

They prepared a little differently.Dry hops pot filled only to half and pour wate

r to the brim.Then put on the fire, and boiled twice, not forgetting all the time stirring.The resulting broth is filtered and added to a glass of fluid every half a cup of flour and a tablespoon of sugar.After all this is mixed well and allowed to stand for two days in the warmth.When the yeast is ready, pour them into the jar or bottle and store in a cellar or in a refrigerator.

How to make beer yeast

Make brewer's yeast is probably the easiest way.To do this, you need to take one glass of warm water and flour and carefully mix them.To the mixture was homogeneous, you can use a blender or mixer.The mixture is then left for six hours in the heat, and then put a spoonful of sugar and add a glass of beer.Yeast give more to stand in the heat, and then endure the cold, where they are very well preserved.

How to make dry yeast

cooking dry yeast at home - a process long and complicated.But you can try and make their own.Take a bowl and mix it with two cups of flour and water, and add a tablespoon of sugar.Tie a bowl with cheesecloth and leave in a warm place until the fermentation characteristics.Every day, the mixture is required to mix.The fact that the fermentation is started, you will say, bubbles appeared on the surface.Thereafter, the yeast must stand still warm about 3 - 4 days.Now

mixture to dry.To do this, take a plastic wrap or parchment spread out on the table and gently put a thin layer of it prepared mass.When the yeast is completely dry, they should be separated from the film, break into pieces and grind in a blender.Dry yeast fold in the plastic container and store in the freezer.

Pets dry yeast are not concentrating as magazinskie.Please note that in order to replace the bag of industrial yeast, you will have to use about a cup of home.In addition, the test time required for lifting is much greater.Now that you know how to make a homemade yeast.Use any of the given recipe, and let your baked goods will always be the most delicious!