How to look sexy ?

Look looks sexy and feel sexy internally - are two different things.Of course, that two elements are mutually complementary.And usually, if the lady looks sexy, it will sooner or later feel such.After all, our attitude towards ourselves dependent on what we see in the mirror.Therefore, it is necessary to create a solid image of an attractive, consisting of true pick up clothes, appearance and behavior.Therefore, if you are thinking about how to look sexy, then you need to address this complex problem.


is necessary, firstly, to give yourself time to maintain beauty.This requires at least a few hours a week, and preferably for half an hour every day.Hair should be strengthened nourishing masks, shampoos and properly selected to maintain vitamin complexes.To care for your nails need to do special baths and always care.Hands, in general, need to moisturize.Legs should also be just perfect, the skin on the feet should be moistened creams.Also do not forget about hair removal.

well maintained, it is something that will be attractive.By the way, I figure - this is not something that affects the way to look sexy.Many experts proved that sexuality and overweight, or, conversely, missing kilos practically related.The main thing is the ability to pick up clothes and the way that is right for your personality.Confidence of this is well affect your behavior.It is especially suitable if you are thinking how to become sexually attractive.


Clothing helps to present particularly advantageous shape, so to give a sexual way one can not use such a tool.So, how to dress sexy?We need to pick up beautiful lingerie.After all, a girl, on which the wearing exquisite linens, will subconsciously feel confident and sexy, that will feel the surrounding.The neckline ideally worn with a long skirt, a mini - skirt combined with a blouse or blouse closed.Men will not involve frank half-naked women, strong sex craves mysteries, over which they will fight.If you want to still open, the little bare knees, shoulders and arms.Not only classic dresses and skirts are considered attractive by men, but also trousers.They must be of sufficient length and fit the shape of your figure type.Length - is the main advantage of trousers and jeans, becausenamely on their length will depend on the visual length of your legs.

also be very useful belts that highlight the waist.Lean ladies have to choose thin belt, and the girls better to choose a wide belt.The ideal is considered, of course, the shoes with heels.There are also a number of rules when choosing colors of clothing.It is believed that, generally, men find sexually attractive red, blue, black, white and yellow.Choosing clothes, prefer fabrics with a pleasant texture, which is nice touch.Also, the desire to conform to fashion trends, we should not blindly copy trends.Choosing want what is right for you.If you have doubts, then give preference to the classical style, it is always attractive and sexy.


But appearance and correctly picked up a wardrobe that is not all.In order for your image was organic, it is necessary to conduct themselves accordingly.But before proceeding to modeling behavior, should know how to behave sexually, so that it was not vulgar.Many confuse the concepts of sexuality and sex appeal with swagger and availability.This is fundamentally wrong.Your opinion plays an important role in attracting attention.This view must be sufficiently open and positive.To do this, open your eyes wide and slightly raised his eyebrows.In this case, the pupils dilate, and this adds to your view of sexuality.

also more attractive image mean smile.Practice in front of a mirror, and choose exactly the type of smile that is right for you.It can be a half-smile, humble and sweet.Or, on the contrary, broad and almost laughing.The choice is yours.The main thing is that all corresponded to the general whole image.Now that you know how to be sexy.We wish you good luck.