How to cook the shin ?

How to cook the shin ?

learn how to cook pork knuckle, which would differ rich aroma and extraordinary taste, they know not all mistresses.additional ingredients is important to choose correctly.No less important to buy a good shin.To select a shop or market, per se, first of all, note its color.Peel the shank should be yellowish, without gray or brown.The surface should be bristles.Also pay attention to the meat.It should be pink and not dried up.Be sure to smell the shin - odor should not come from her.

Ingredients for shank

1 kg.pork shank need the following ingredients:

  • garlic - 4 cloves,
  • salt - to taste,
  • seasoning for pork - 2 tsp,
  • ground black pepper - 5 g,
  • mayonnaise provencal - Article 5..spoons,
  • olive oil - 15 ml.

cooking process shank

Before you cook shin, it must be thoroughly cleaned.Do it under running water.After that, dry the shin kitchen paper towels and place on a cutting board.Using a sharp knife, make an incision along the bones, you need to make it visible.Then remove it carefully.

But do it in such a way that the bone remains as small as possible meat.

Take seasonings, rub their entire shank and tighten it.Leave the meat for 5-10 minutes.Then wipe it from the inside with salt and sprinkle with black pepper.Peel garlic cloves and rinse them under water.With garlic presses do have mush and rub it all shin.Then grease evenly shin mayonnaise.

Tightly roll and shin food wrap yarns.Be sure to lock all the nodules that meat is not unfolded.Place it in an enamel container, cover and send it in the fridge for 3 hours.During this time, it is time to well marinated.

Preheat oven to 220 degrees.Remove the knuckle from the container, brush obmazhte olive oil, then tightly wrap in foil.Take a small pan and pour to 20ml.water.Put the meat on it and put in the oven.Bake for 40 minutes.Then pull out the tray and expand the foil.Then send shin dopekat further 10-15 minutes, during which time she will have time to buy a delicious golden brown.

Cool little prepared dish, cut into portions pieces and serve with a garnish.As a side dish you can use mashed potatoes, buckwheat, Long grain rice, stewed vegetables.If you want to surprise your loved ones piquant shank marinated in beer and soy sauce, then use this proven recipe for cooking.