How to wear stockings ?

How to wear stockings ?

Stockings undergone many changes.In the early 19th century they were worn by many young ladies, considering the garment an integral part of the wardrobe.In Europe, for example, in the 30s there were nylon stockings - beautiful, expensive and very fashionable.In the middle of the last century stockings woman wore only in the most piquant situations.But in our time, stockings regain his wonderful purpose - to seduce and fascinate the eyes of men.For information on how to put on stockings, can be found in another article on our website: "How to wear stockings."We will focus on how to wear them properly.

Stockings - intimate piece wardrobe

Stockings are one of the sexiest things a female toilet.But how to wear stockings, many of the fair sex do not know the fine.It is worth to seek help from a stylist who will talk in detail, where, what, when and why you should wear a chic stockings.First you need to learn one rule - stockings undesirable wear every day and wear on any occasion.Still, it's such a

juicy thing, which aims to surprise and attract maximum attention.Another important point - the women wear stockings to be comfortable, they fit the clothes and not to irritate the tissue from which they are sewn.

most universal stockings - transparent color.They can be used more often than others, and for them the easiest way to choose the style and color of the overall clothing.For example, black stockings are more responsible and refer to the classic version.These stockings woman is best to put on all kinds of parties, celebrations and other events.For these cases fit glamorous stockings with lace trim.

Socks must be worn correctly

How to wear stockings that they decorated female legs?It is necessary to acquire the stockings so that they were just in size, but not nasty hanging folds to a slim leg.Stockings small size also brings a lot of inconvenience - they are women movements are constrained, and they can more quickly tear.When choosing socks, you need to consider the fact, with a woman shoes is going to wear them.To open shoes fit translucent stockings and body light brown.But with light shoes should not wear black stockings.This will be the top bad taste!

Some women boast: I wear stockings day and night, I feel sexy lady!Note that you need to wear stockings so that no one (other than the woman herself, of course) did not think that the lady put on stockings.After all, this piece of clothing is very intimate and is not aesthetically pleasing, if stockings will peek out from under the garment.Also, if a woman's feet do not differ harmony, then fishnet fishnet stockings and she is clearly not fit.Experimenting is only with stockings solid color without pattern.

belt and stockings in one team

But how to wear stockings with a belt, should be given special attention.Stockings and the best times to buy at the same time.For example, you choose the size of stockings "deuce", hence the times you need to choose the same size.Naturally, the color of the belt should match the tone of the stocking.Although, as they say, the taste and color of friends there.Nowadays, the fashion belt with beautiful long ribbons.What to do to not hanging below the ribbon stocking?It's simple - you need to buy stockings are shorter and smaller.

Any stockings - it is, first and foremost - a classic, grace and underwear.And, then, with the sportswear clothes they absolutely incompatibility.It is best to blend in stockings with a skirt to the knee, dresses and high heels.