How to make Shawarma ?

How to make Shawarma ?

We all love shawarma.Certainly no people who at least once in their life have not tried it.Shawarma - saving during runaway meals and quick snacks.But sometimes you want to pamper yourself and slowly enjoy all the beauty and taste of this dish is colorful.This can be done at home, happy to feed the whole family.In this article, we'll show you how to cook shawarma home.

history Shawarma Shawarma

- incredibly ancient oriental dishes, known far beyond the Middle East.Turkey and Armenia - that is the birthplace of shawarma.Yes, and in many other countries, this dish is already perceived as an integral part of the kitchen.How old shawarma, and just as tasty.It consists of shawarma pita (Arabic thin cakes) or a pita, which is stuffed with chopped grilled meat, salad, fresh vegetables and seasoned with various spices and sauces.

pita can be used for various meats.Most often use lamb or chicken.Less - veal, pork, turkey.So how to cook shawarma?

Necessary ingredients:

  • Meat - (pork, lamb, chicken) 25
    0-300 g
  • lavash sheets (bought or self-baked)
  • Fresh vegetables for salad - (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrot, garlic)
  • cheese
  • Smetana
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sol
  • Seasonings and spices - black pepper, parsley, curry, cheese, coriander, etc.taste.

Meat Meat (chicken, veal or lamb), pre-fried and taste using spices.The easiest home use chicken meat, for example, breast.Just common and original, it is a variant of the preparation of shawarma and marinated pork baked in the oven.Meat - one of the key parts of shawarma, but no less important is the pita bread.How to prepare for shawarma pita, and whether his stove at all costs?


sheets of lavash easiest way to buy ready-made at the supermarket or bread shop.So you save time and effort, since he is now available in the price.Freshly soft pita bread - this is one of the key components of a delicious shawarma.For self-cooking lavash need:

500 g flour, 1 ~ 2 tbspwater, ½ tspsalt, ½ yeast packs.

flour sifted through a fine sieve, kneaded with water, yeast and salt.We are waiting for an hour to make the dough rise, then cover with foil and leave the dough for 10-15 minutes.After this time, roll out and pull the dough with a rolling pin into round cakes, and put on a baking hot, remove from oven preheated to 250 degrees.Then put them back.Baking lavash takes no more than five minutes.Pita bread is ready, but how to cook the sauce for shawarma?

Sauce Spices & sous- another feature home shawarma.Use can be any spices that are pleasing to your taste.For example, it is worth trying this sauce:

Mix the sour cream and mayonnaise, add squeezed through a garlic press.We remember the greens, add the parsley, dill, black pepper, salt, coriander, grated cheese, cumin and curry seasoning.All this is well mixed.That's it - the sauce is ready!Then take

already cooked, pre-chopped and poured meat sauce.Add a salad of fresh vegetables.Starting from the edges wrap the stuffing in pita bread, bending the tip.Spread on a dish.

Just like that, we have prepared a shawarma at home.Bon Appetit!