How to prepare the cervix ?

How to prepare the cervix ?

Pork is traditionally considered one of the best kinds of meat, but chicken necks know how to cook is not all.Let's look at the different recipes in order to know how to prepare the cervix.

Pork neck Pork neck

better bake in the oven: in form or in foil.The result depends on the quality of selected meat and marinade.

  • easiest way - neck of pork with salt and pepper, coat with mustard, pierce in several places with a knife and insert garlic.Sustain hour at room temperature.Bake for 1.5 hours, basting and turning the juice.
  • cervix with herbs and prunes.Green is available in two flavors: dill and parsley or cilantro and basil - to taste.Herbs chop, mix sour cream, pepper, salt and coat the meat mixture to hit the Realized cuts.At the same incisions and insert pieces of prunes.Wrap in foil, marinated 1-2 hours, bake in the oven for 50 minutes and 15-20, opening the foil.Sprinkle the remaining herbs and leave for a couple of minutes.If a marinade to add lemon zest, the cervix will be more fragrant.
  • How to cook pork neck with vegetables?Rubbed with spices and mustard meat cut into pieces 2 cm thick, but not until the end (like a book).The cuts put a thin plate of mushrooms, carrots, onions.Tightly wrapped in foil (can be tied up thread), leave the marinated and bake for about an hour (if the meat 1 kg).

Chicken sausages (stuffed neck)

chicken necks are mostly used for broths.Many housewives do not even realize what delicious meals can be prepared from this product.For example, stuffed neck - a delicious chicken sausages.

necessary to carefully remove the skin from necks, tie one end and filled with meat.

  • Traditional stuffing of minced with onion chicken giblets.Add egg, 4-5 tablespoonssemolina, mix and fill with the cervix.Hole stitch (tie).Make multiple punctures to the skin when baking is not broke.The resulting sausages baked in the oven.You can fry in a pan with the onion, pour broth and stew.More dietary dish out, if sausages to cook.
  • Perfect for stuffing sausages - a mixture of minced chicken with sauteed mushrooms and cooked until half rice.Bake 40 min.

Chicken neck

  • Chicken neck, stewed with vegetables.Previously they have to fry for a few minutes.Add vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, onions, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes) and fry some more.Cover with water, add salt, putting greens and simmer for 20 minutes.
  • How to cook a chicken neck to get an alternative to the usual snacks to beer?It is necessary to fry the neck on a hot griddle until golden brown (about 10 min.), Salt and pepper.Lazy neck can just bake in the oven.Such a sharp little crunchy dish very happy man.

Use our recipes, invent their own - and cook delicious neck!