The substitute baking powder ?

The substitute baking powder ?

Every good hostess certainly stashed for a rainy day, that is, the red dates, of course, retseptik some absolutely wonderful cake or cupcakes, or something of this fabulously delicious.By momentous day usually bought a huge number of all-different.And smoked and salted and gutted, and intoxicating and refreshing.But almost always at the crucial moment it turns out that something was forgotten.This is often the salt.Or match.And sometimes baking powder.And the question arises, what to replace the baking powder?

baking powder and alternative

I must say at once that the dough is not loosened by various emulsifiers, stabilizers and other debris, which is often added to baking powder, and which only increase the cost of the product.It loosened due to the magic of bubbles of carbon dioxide that is released during the interaction of soda with an acid.Therefore, it is the basis of most of the soda baking powder.

Some housewives may rebel against such a simple decision, arguing that the soda gives an un

pleasant taste.Indeed, it is true, but only if the ash is not completely extinguished.Quenched soda (and releasing carbon dioxide) during baking with citric acid, vinegar, fermented food or any food acids and products thereof, have been added to the dough.Even aspirin.For example, if you just want pancakes to yogurt, anything it is not necessary to add other than soda.Just a little bit, do not overdo it.

Recipe "baking powder"

If you stood in front of a question than to replace the baking powder, remember the old recipe of our ancestors, who were preparing themselves baking powder and baking powder called him.This recipe is simple.

into twelve pieces, flour or starch taken five parts soda and three parts of citric acid.Take a dry spoon, put in a dry container with a lid and shake well, that would be a mix.Baking powder is ready.Flour and starch were placed to absorb moisture during storage, which reaction would not occur prematurely.With this flour composition is mixed in dry form.1 - 2 teaspoons cake should suffice.

Some leavening agents are made on the basis of ammonium carbonate, and many highly praised them.However, this substance is not sold separately, while the housewife is hardly any house chemical laboratory, so this option in this case is not suitable.

Baker's yeast is also baking powder.During fermentation, they produce the same bubbles of carbon dioxide, but it is a different technology.

So we looked at the question of what can be replaced with baking powder.Bon Appetit.