The soak cakes ?

The soak cakes ?

Making homemade cake is like magic: from unsightly in appearance products is a beautiful work of culinary art!How nice then submit their relatives and loved ones cake made with their own hands, to tea!The process of preparation is important to consider all but one of its main parts is impregnation.It is important to know how to soak cakes, so they turned to the best juicy and tasty.


Korzh can soak in sugar syrup.It is necessary to boil 0.5 liters of water and pour into it about 1 cup of sugar.Then it is necessary to interfere with boiling syrup until the sugar is completely dissolved.Then follows the cool mixture.When it has cooled to room temperature, it is possible to start impregnation.Water may be replaced by a berry or fruit juice.You can also use a thick broth of dried fruits or vegetables.If you put in a compote of dried fruit 100 g per liter of water, the basis for the syrup must take 200-300 grams.We prepare a thick broth, well dressed with sugar, boil, boil for 20-30 minutes give


Remember, if impregnated cakes with syrup, they quickly get wet, so take a little syrup for impregnation.


deciding what to soak cakes for the cake, you can stay at the slightly thick cream.Preparing it is very simple.In 200 grams of softened butter must add jar of condensed milk and whisk thoroughly.And, the cream is ready!It is also suitable for pastry, and honey.If you think, than to soak sponge cakes, you should know that they are porous and do not require a lot of infiltration, so it is suitable for even a fairly thick cream.

Jam, jam

And another version of what you can soak cakes.This home-made jams and slightly thick jam.Even good, if it be whole berries, fruit pieces, nuts.This will add to the charm of the cake, and taste!The impregnation of this should be done gradually, spreading on the cake mass spoon.If you see that baking takes a lot of jam, do not zealous, smear moderately, otherwise there will be no cake afterwards impregnated with jam and preserves, in which put the biscuit.Also for impregnation can use homemade jam and berry jelly.