How to cut the rabbit ?

How to cut the rabbit ?

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How to cut the rabbit?

If you are going to breed rabbits, it is mandatory for you information on how to cut the rabbit, because later this procedure is inevitable, regardless of whether you will sell the whole or parts of the meat.It is not too difficult, and experienced breeders do a breaker no more than 20 minutes, but beginners have to work hard.Culinary is also concerned because so many rabbit meat is sold in whole, and if you're not going to cook it whole, then you need to be divided into pieces, which is also not an easy task.

Primary processing of rabbit meat

So, talking about how to butcher a rabbit, note that you'll need a sharp, heavy knife with a wide blade, and a hatchet-cleaver.Then, directly pass to the procedure itself, dividing it into stages:

  • Cut peritoneum, holding a knife to the white line and reaching the sternum.
  • separated from the muscle and take out the insides.
  • hearken to the liver, heart and lungs, and leave them for culinary purposes.
  • Groping first vertebra, on it's head cut off.
  • washes away the carcass and cut into pieces the size you want.

Remember that the kidneys remain inside the carcass.You also can not cut and remove the gall bladder and, except in the case of substances falling from them for meat, it deteriorate, or rather the taste is awful.

butchering a rabbit carcass into pieces

now turn to the question of how to cut the rabbit carcass into pieces and will present in more detail each step:

  • Put the carcass breast side down and cut off the front foot.
  • Cut away the meat from the sides of the carcass.
  • Take the hatchet, cleaver and separate the front part of the line of the shoulder blades.
  • Take the rest of the carcass and divide it in half.
  • Through the sacrum, that is where the thigh joins, cut the middle part.
  • Cut the hind legs and cut away any excess fat.
  • Freezing meat, if you just are not going to cook it.

is also worth noting that the hind legs, the middle and the dorsal part of the best bake or fry in a skillet.As for the front, it is the most delicious obtained by quenching, as it has very tough meat.Kidneys we do not take out of rabbit meat and cook with it.

Concerning freezing, we can not say that cooking meat dishes with rabbit implies a fresh meat, not frozen.Since in this procedure the meat is not only loses its flavor, but also there is a risk that it will breed bacteria.Therefore, be extremely careful, and if you decide to cook the meat, do it while it is fresh.Thus it is necessary to make sure that this purchasing meat, it is not amenable to the previously frozen.

Now you know all the details of how to cut the rabbit.