What to write on the cake ?

What to write on the cake ?

Now there are many options cake decorations, but still, the most important decoration of the inscription will remain forever.She literally hypnotizing celebrant and guests again and again to his riveting eyes.What to write on the cake?It depends on who the culprit celebrations, will be appreciated by a joke, or better to restrict the official inscription.

Unsuccessful inscriptions

For a start, look at how to do the inscriptions on cakes just not worth it.

  • Do not write too much.The phrase should be like the motto: bright, concise, informative, zapominayuschayasya.Tort decorated only inscription will look gloomy.Leave room for other decorations.
  • is banal will appear saying: "Masha Kolya" or "Dear Ivan Sergeyevich, unforgettable class teacher", "- recalls the inscription on the memorial wreath.
  • Let's choose a shorter word, making the inscription on the cake.They read and easier, and they look better, "Eternally yours" looks better than "Invariably yours."
  • When applying labels on the cake, do n
    ot forget about respecting the rules of spelling!Remember that the appeal should be made a comma!"Happy birthday, darling!";"Be happy, dear!";"Darling, get well soon!".In the case of the inscription on the cake, you can allocate the main words in large letters: "Your Forever» "
  • well write a name on the cake hero for the day.Read his name - is always a pleasure!

inscription on a wedding cake

  • We wish you love, health, light
  • All that is called good!
  • Ocean of Love and the Sea of ​​happiness!
  • Council and love you!
  • We wish you good luck and sea cottage by the sea!
  • Together forever!
  • Joy - boundless
  • Love - immense!

text on the cake on the day of birth

  • Why money, because you samizdat gold!
  • character you have gold - so so heavy!
  • to have you all been for nothing and it was not!
  • to snap on the caviar, the Maldives and Mallorca!
  • Bless hundred centuries!

Inscriptions on the cake for a loved

  • Eat me.
  • Bite me.
  • beloved - the most delicious!
  • Knight my heart.
  • The most tasty you!
  • himself loved, from the sexiest!

Cake for the beloved

  • I'm all yours!
  • I - your cake!
  • my best gift - you!Let
  • holiday bring surprises, fulfill any whim!

inscription on the cake child

  • year behind - you all ahead!
  • Everything is just beginning!
  • Dreams Come True!
  • Happy birthday, our baby!
  • interesting discoveries on the way to knowledge!
  • Before you open all the way!

inscription joke

  • not touch - will spread!
  • zhzhosh!
  • all women - as women, and I - the Queen!
  • GMO;
  • happiness, good and green bubble!
  • better beer - big belly than a tiny hump - from the heavy work!
  • inscription on the cake in the idea of ​​a suitcase full of money: "Is This Deposit money!", "Good health
  • buy the rest!"

How to put text on the cake

Finally I would like to share some secrets of how to make the inscriptions on the cakes nice and tidy.

  • to start print out your favorite inscription on the printer large and beautiful print.Then hide the piece of paper with the words in a file.Melt the chocolate icing, pour it into kornetik and draw it directly on top of the inscription file.Now, right on the file, we send all this beauty in the refrigerator for a few minutes.Hardened letter carefully remove with a knife, applied over Madame Kandurin with a brush.
  • make out the inscription of sausages mastic.Roll the paste, cut strips of mastic using a roller pizza.Draw or print a sample label size.Lay the sausages directly over the painted letters and give them a little stand in the refrigerator.Next will only move them on the cake.
  • inscription on mastic and can be issued by means of food pens or gel ink.To do this, again, we print out a sample of the inscription on a piece of paper is applied to the mastic and pierce the needle letter, indicating the form of letters.It remains only to circle!