How to eat a snake ?

How to eat a snake ?

way of cooking such delicacies as snake meat a lot, and the choice of recipe depends mainly on the type of snake.From reptiles soups, "barbecue" and meals on the grill, stew and baked with vegetables, and some of the world's people can eat raw flesh and snakes.

butchering carcasses

If the snake was only caught and still alive, then it should be put to death.To do this, take the animal for a head with two fingers so that it does not bite, put on the board and cut the nail on the head.Some cooks suggest hang for an hour and a half snake without a head by the tail.This is done to ensure that all of it drained blood.By the way, in some countries, snake blood drinking raw.Then the body of the killed snake rinsed under running water several times a jet.

After that, the skin incision along the body in order to remove the entrails and the carcass skinned (remove the skin).Clean the meat from the skin more easily again under water, while the flesh is washed immediately.The skin is trying to shoot a whol

e, since it can also be used for the preparation of some dishes.At the end of the body the skin is removed harder, so you can use a knife.After the final separation of the flesh from the snake's skin all over again carefully washed - both skin and meat.

After all done manipulation, cutting the belly of a snake, it is removed from the intestine and other internal.It's important to clean the abdominal cavity, so that there were no black films left, because after cooking, they can taste bitter.After separation of the viscera carcass washed again with running water.

Methods for preparing snake meat

Snakes eat differently, depending on the species consumed reptiles.Not all snakes are edible, so it is important to know what snakes eat, and what not.

Here are some of the most popular recipes for snakes:

Fried snake

This is one of the most common and widespread of Asian dishes.Cook it is not difficult, even the most inexperienced cooks.Even if the snake was poisonous, do not need to fear that a person can be poisoned by eating the meat of the animal.All the poison found only in the head, which is deprived of a snake at the beginning of butchering, as described above.Before cooking, many cooks prefer to soak the snake meat - milk or dry white wine, to eliminate the specific smell of meat of this reptile.

Before frying the meat need to add spices to it, which are selected according to taste.Prescription classic Asian dishes, for example, pieces (5-6 cm) of meat offered to rub soy sauce and cloves, salt is not added, since it already contains the sauce.Fry the meat in vegetable oil until golden brown.Serve at the table with vodka or other strong drinks, no rice or potatoes, that is - without garnish.

soup snake

considered very tasty and healthy dish.But it will have to prepare for a long time - to cook snake meat should be around 10 hours in a large volume of water (5-6 liters).So much time is required to ensure that the meat was unfit for consumption, otherwise it will be tough, and "rubber".By the time when the meat is ready, the water must boil over about two-thirds.

When the snake is ready, it is removed from the broth and cut into small slices, one centimeter thick.The broth is added parallel to the chicken, cut into small pieces, bring to a boil and remove foam with a slotted spoon.Then again put the snake meat to the broth and salt it.From spices add cloves, cinnamon and coriander.Served this soup with loaves smeared with soy sauce.

snake meat fried

Fry snake meat and deep-fried.Necessary to cut the meat, as described above, then it is necessary to soak for two hours in milk.Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlarge chunks soaked meat need to roll in the corn flour or breadcrumbs and fry chopped fried.This dish is served with spicy sauce (chili, wasabi) to beer or other drinks.

There are countless recipes for snake meat, and especially a lot of them in Asian cuisine.Many videos on how to eat snakes in traditional restaurants and on the streets in Asia have become popular and are lured to the camp of fans of snake meat, which is famous for its unusual taste and healing properties, more gourmet.