How to smoke meat?

How to smoke meat?

There are two ways for smoking meat.The first way is very long and laborious, requires several days with the constant supervision of the process.This method is used when you want to smoke the meat fat varieties.And we will look at the second way how to smoke meat.It can be used at home with hot smoke.This process takes much less time and quite easy to use.

As smoke meat at home

Before you smoke meat, be sure to choose the right product for smoking.The most suitable meat for smoking is considered to be brisket, chuck, rear and front ham, neck.

Divide the meat into pieces of equal size, prosolite them in brine for three or four hours, and then dry.Of course, the ideal option - is to buy a special smokehouse, but if you do not and there is no possibility to buy it, then do not despair, you can safely make a smokehouse at home alone!

All you need to do - steel bucket lid that will fit snugly to the bucket, and two suitable for grating diameter.Lattice gas stove or refrigerator with scissors for me

tal easily turn into circles the size you want.Install the lower grille by 10-13 cm. Below the edge of the steel bucket, and the upper grill for 5-7 cm. Above the bottom.It can be used as a smokehouse in the country, as well as in nature.

Except for the smokehouse you need deciduous tree chips or sawdust.Chips (chips) lay at the bottom of the bucket, and then install the correct grating already laid out pieces of meat on them.Spread the fire and set it on a bucket with meat, tightly closed lid.Be careful, sawdust (shavings) must not light up!So it's best to moisten them, and keep the fire is not very strong.

certain time no smoke, it all depends on the type of meat and chopped pieces of sizes.On average, it takes no more than four hours.Occasionally open the cover and try the meat on the stiffness and the approaching end up smoking, try the taste of the meat.When the meat is ready, carefully remove the bucket of the fire, open the cover, you will have a meeting with delicious, juicy slices of smoked meat!The work is done, now it is necessary to put meat on the plate and call the closest people to the table.Enjoy your meal!

That's the way to be to smoke the meat.Nothing complicated, just a little ingenuity and patience, and your loved ones will be delighted with the result.We hope we have answered the question of how to smoke meat.