As smoke bacon ?

As smoke bacon ?

Quite unusual aroma, beautiful color, unique taste - all this is characteristic of smoked bacon.Almost no one can resist to try this culinary masterpiece temptation.As it turns out, smoked bacon is also very useful, there are a lot of vitamins and high protein content.

will discuss now how to properly smoke the fat and what methods exist for this (in most cases it is done at home).

In the beginning you need to properly prepare and smokehouse bacon (if not - it can be easy to build, just below describe how to do this).

Smoked bacon will perfectly delicious, only if the correct wood, so is the selection of the wood is selected for smoking should be paid close attention.

What is worth paying attention to when choosing wood:

  1. on quality, that is dry wood, as used wet wood is strictly forbidden to smoke.Only an average dry wood will provide exactly the "right" smoke, which is ideal for smoked bacon.
  2. also very important tree species.To give a flavor of smoked food, worth taking branches of fruit t
    rees.Incredibly beautiful golden color, fat will help get ash, oak, aspen.Do not use conifers (except a juniper), it spoils the taste of smoked bacon with their pitches.

Preparing bacon to smoked.

To prepare the fat for smoking, you need to take about 1.5 kg.fat, a little boiling water, garlic, salt, bay leaves, pepper and ground grain mustard (universal recipe does not exist, this is one of the most popular).

  1. Salo should be well rinsed.Then cut it in such a way to get a few slices shestisantimetrovyh.
  2. Grind garlic and grate them fat (sprinkle).
  3. Sprinkle with pepper bacon, mustard and crushed bay leaf.Then put in a container in which it is to be pickled.
  4. Dissolve salt in hot water and the resulting solution was poured into a container with lard.
  5. all very thoroughly and put in the refrigerator.
  6. store fat in this spicy marinade for about three - four days.

smoked bacon.As smoke bacon in the smokehouse (as it is done in house. Conditions)?

If special smokehouse you do not, it's not a problem, it can be done independently.

This will require two barrels (install them on each other), they should attach a crossbar, which then put the stick with hanging on them bacon slices.

The bottom barrel is necessary to make a hole, which then goes into "fuel".The upper barrel is necessary to cover.

If the smoker is ready, you should move on to the process, but in the beginning you need to choose the method of smoking.

Hot method

Before bloating fat on the bottom of the smoker must put four handful of sawdust, moistened with water.Lay the prepared bacon on the grill.Kindle Fire, wait until the wood burn through and only embers remain.Install a smokehouse on the coals and cover.With this method of preparing smoked bacon about 50 minutes, then remove the lid and is to check readiness of fat.

Cold method

pretty slow way, the product is prepared for about five days.In a specially prepared to put smokehouse firewood, ignite them, to put on the grill fat and at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees to smoke it.

To a cold smoking methods include liquid smoke.As the fat smoke liquid smoke?

know this many companies are actively using this method.Liquid smoke - this liquid smoke, which for a short time gives the fat kind of "real" smoked.Instead of 4-5 days the product is already in 5 minutes gets kind of meats, but this fat can be harmful to the digestive system.It is better to give preference to the traditional methods.

Now you know how to smoke the bacon!