How to bake meat?

How to bake meat?

ceremony of eating meat reminds us of the historical roots, it brings a certain primitive.To get this procedure true pleasure, you need to learn some secrets.We are ready to give you advice on how to bake the meat so that your stomach will get a gourmet experience.

So we mostly use in nutrition pork, lamb, beef (veal).Hunters can please yourself and household with game (wild boar, roe deer and other forest dwellers).To know how to bake meat in the oven, it is necessary to identify the distinctive features and characteristics of each species, as well as general advice.

Good advice for pork and beef

Good and practical advice on how to bake pork using the oven, foil and sleeve are shown here.Similar useful article content as delicious roast meat, refer to this address, the text is very accessible on how to roast beef in the oven, what is needed, and what results you expect.

rules for all

The larger the piece of meat, the longer it takes for his baking.The main rule when cooking meat is cooking

time to correspond to the size of the piece.It is necessary to keep the juiciness of the meat does not get stale hard piece.Before you bake the meat remember, it is best to bake the meat of a young animal.It is less dense, less dry.Either the meat must be older fat element.Fat is fired before the meat, making the meat moist environment in which it is prepared is not issyhaya.

Special reception for meat, which has no natural fat - shpigovanie.With long triangular fork or knife, you puncture the meat and fat pieces shpiguete it (usually pork).

Foil must be able to use

Tell you how to bake the meat in foil.If the meat is cooked without fat, it almost becomes a dietary dish.Game bake in foil is not recommended.Meat should be cleared of all excess and inedible.Wash is not recommended.If after all the meat has been washed, then in foil before placing it must be dry.An indispensable feature of cooking in foil would be that if a piece of meat from the bone sticks out it must be removed, or during heat treatment will shift the meat mass and the foil is torn, sealing is broken.

Secrets up his sleeve

Sleeve for baking - another way to create an insulation medium when cooking meat.For cultivation in the field of cooking, learn how to bake meat in the sleeve.The main advantages of this method is that the meat is baked in its own juices and, most importantly, clean the oven and dishes in which meat is baked.The sleeve should be three times longer than the piece of meat.This place is not too much.It is necessary to couple and juice, but also for the nodes at the edges.Fix the edge of the clamps can be going to the set, thread, metal wire.Lay on a baking sleeve is better, well, if it is cold.

Do not be afraid of the sleeve affinity for baking with plastic.It is not harmful foil, silicone baking, and animal feed is now quite mysterious!