How to cut the meat ?

How to cut the meat ?

«Properly cut meat - real science", - says the cook.And it will be absolutely right.After all, the method of slicing depends not only on the appearance of dishes, but also its palatability.We'll show you how to cut the meat.

To start a basic rule to work: the product must be fresh, knife - sharp and cutting board is wetted with water, so that the blood did not soak into the wood.

When buying note:

  • meat should be elastic (not leave dents when pressed)
  • pink or red (the old product is usually gray-brown with dark spots)
  • not inflated and not wet (or his or nashpritsevaliharmful injections, or repeatedly subjected to freezing)
  • if the meat is fresh, in this fresh form is not suitable for all meals.For example, it should not be let on skewers.For this dish a piece before cutting should lie two or three days.During this time, drain excess blood and muscle fibers are pressed together at the bottom, relax.Otherwise, the dish will turn out just tough.
  • barbecue is better to buy the tenderloin, loin
    or ham.You can buy the product from other parts of the body of the animal (lamb or pork), but in this case to be very carefully cut the meat from the bones and veins.

How to cut meat: filet

  1. Before cutting let the product "rest" for at least 15 minutes.Since its juices are evenly distributed throughout the piece of meat, and the shredding process itself will take place more easily.
  2. Note the knife.In addition to its severity, it must also be a smooth blade: no burrs and the like saws.Otherwise, cooked meat will not look very aesthetically pleasing.
  3. hostess often put themselves faced with a choice: cut the meat along or across?So the main rule: only the product is cut across the grain.Otherwise, as a result of the preparation of the dish will be tough, but the fiber will get stuck between the teeth.
  4. the case of sliced ​​sirloin, their size will depend on the food, but the pieces should be the same - that's how to cut the meat across the grain.For example, for barbecue make them the size of 3 by 3 cm or 5 by 5 cm.

How to cut meat on the bone

  1. If we are talking about cuts to the bone, then in the process of cutting keep the end of the bone with towels or kitchen cloths.Meat cut away from the bone slices approximately 1 cm thick.
  2. Cut Cuts ribs.To do this, set the meat so that its ribs sticking up vertically.If necessary, also hold a towel or kitchen towel.Slice the product between the ribs into pieces of equal thickness.Another option - just remove the bones, removing them from the meat.This will allow the product to cut into thin slices.

That's it!Bon Appetit!After all, not to say the adherents of vegetarianism, well-cooked meat product is very delicious.