How to cook the meat in French ?

How to cook the meat in French ?

Many novice mistress, trying to please the family simple, but beautiful and delicious dish, ask how to cook the meat in French.This flaky dish is perfect for a family holiday or a table, but it is quite easy to cook on weekdays;They love it and adults and children.

basic recipe

To learn how to do the meat in French, do not have long to find the recipe.The dish is so popular that one has only to open any cookbook or just call a more experienced hostess, as you immediately receive several cooking options.But the basis of the recipe is always the same, can only replace a set of products.It should be understood that there is a recipe classical cooking meat in French, as well as modern and rather interesting options.

based dishes always serves meat.It can be beef, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit.Mutton is not recommended.For garnish you need to cook the onions, potatoes, cheese varieties, mayonnaise or sour cream, salt and pepper.For the lubrication of the form will require two to three tablespoon of

vegetable oil.

The meat must be cut into pieces of any shape.Monitor should be only for their thick: it must not exceed 1 cm Oil the baking dish with boards in height of 5-6 cm, put the meat in a single layer..Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Before stack garnish layers, it is necessary to cook food.Potatoes should be cleaned and cut into slices 2-3 mm thick, with one or two bulbs to remove the husk and cut into half rings.On the layer of meat stacked onion, sprinkle it can apple cider vinegar.Then follows beautifully put potatoes.Its salt, thickly smeared with sour cream or mayonnaise.

shape of the workpiece put dishes in the oven, the temperature was adjusted to 180 degrees.The cooking process takes 45-50 minutes.7 minutes before the end of cooking take out a form, the dish is sprinkled with grated cheese with a thick layer (7-10 mm).Once the cheese is melted and cover the ingredients delicious browned crust, you can remove the meat from the oven and serve.To dish looked beautiful, it is necessary to cool slightly, sharp knife, cut into portions and spatula to transfer to a plate.

look and fantasize!

learning how to do the meat in French, watch a master class on any cooking site.Look carefully at the picture of each phase of the food, and then you disappear all the questions, because nothing complicated about cooking there!

On the basis of this classic recipe you can think of a lot of options.Add layers of products that love your family: it can be carrots or finely chopped boiled egg.You can also use several kinds of meat, including bacon, bacon, a variety of meats.If you are on a diet, substitute celery potatoes, meat - fish.But rest assured that there is nothing more delicious classic meat in French.