How to fillet ?

How to fillet ?

good hostess always economical.She buys high-quality, fresh products, which later prepared delicious meals for her husband, children and friends.This woman knows that it is better to buy a whole chicken and independently to cut it to fillets.So she gets all of the carcasses, and may use them for what he wants.Let's see how to make fillets of chicken and fish.

How to cut chicken legs fillet

Drumsticks Chicken - this is an excellent choice for those who want to save money and thus eat.Many simply fry them in a pan or in the oven oven, and some are willing to spend a little time to cut all the bones of the legs and thereby expand the range of possible dishes.Philae, which will remain after removing all the seeds, can be used for cooking chicken roll, stuffed chops and serve.If it is to roast, it will be even tastier than the whole leg.

  • Cut the spinal part in it too little meat, it will fit in the soup, or dog food.
  • Open the bones from the inside of the legs with a knife.From the bottom of the jo
    int, cut all the meat and bones.You get the chicken and the bare bone.
  • remaining in the bone meat to be cut.Now you can use the resulting fillets in all dishes.

How to make fillets of trout

If you decide to engage in butchering fish, surely you do not have enough extremes in life.But be that as it may, such a necessity may face each, and so proceed.

  • is better if you take a special knife with a long, flexible, and too narrow blade.The main thing that the blade flexible.
  • To begin, wash and gutted carcass.You need to separate the meat from the backbone and skin, removing the tail, head, fins and bones.To separate the spine, make a cut parallel to the gills and separate the meat from the head, and then lead the incision along the back, obminaya fin.Trim the meat from the ribs, moving towards the tail, help hand.You should have two halves of the trout, one with the bones, and the other is only skin and meat.Pitted halves should be cut in half, turning it up side of beef.
  • can mill fish differently, cut the spine with meat.In the end, you should have a skeleton and two fillets with skin.From the skeleton get a good soup or a treat for cats.With the fillet can do what you want: bake, grill, roast or pickle.Just remove any small bones, they are strictly in the middle.Please grope their fingers and pull your hands or unnecessary eyebrow tweezers.If you want to pickle the trout, remove the skin from it.
  • Take thinning knife, put the fillets on a board down the skin.Start with a tail, a little separate from the skin of the meat, to take a hand.Keep the knife from the tail to the top, thrusting the blade into through the incision.

How to fillet herring

  • Wash, posushite herring and place it on a paper covered with a board.
  • Cut off the head, putting the carcass on its side.Move fins, keep the blade at an acute angle.You need to do to the spine oblique incision.
  • Now make another oblique incision, cut the fish spine, turning it to the other side on a cutting board.You will receive a pulp that could just throw together with the head of a herring.
  • Lower abdominal and pelvic fins of the need to cut half a centimeter wide.Fat belly truncated clean, and use it as a cold snack.
  • Remove the insides and remove the skin by slipping it into the area of ​​the head.You can not remove the skin from two sides of the dorsal fin, so clean side in turn.
  • dorsal fin, remove and clean the belly herring.
  • Separate one of the fillets.Starting from the head, butchered carcass on the back.Keep your spine from the side, pull the flesh from them.On the other half of the fillets, separate tail spine.
  • remaining bones using tweezers pull out.Now that you know how to fillet fish.