How to make a kebab ?

How to make a kebab ?

Kebab is the most delicious of dishes that come to us from the edge of the beautiful mountain.It is impossible to imagine popular dishes.Recipes barbecue today very much, but every woman should know how to make a barbecue on the original recipe, in which still make a delicious barbecue in the small mountain inns.Who had a chance to try it, remember it for a lifetime!


products for barbecue, in the original, taken drumstick or fillet of lamb.But it turns out delicious and the beef, pork, chicken, even from the liver.Important to the meat was not films and did not have much fat, otherwise it will be hard, and the burned fat meat will give a bitter taste.By learning how to make skewers school, we should understand that so it makes the marinade in which meat is soaked.About the recipe marinade explain later, but for now we must prepare the foods.

Marinade is required (for 1 kg of meat) 5 medium-sized bulbs (about 400 g), a large salt - 1 tablespoon black pepper (to crush in a mortar) - 1 tsp.

You will also need a glass of any acidic liquid, it may be the wine, lemon juice, and a better mix of pomegranate and lemon juice in a ratio of 3: 1, we can take yogurt or sour milk.But experienced cooks totally denied in the preparation of a shish kebab use vinegar.They mask the stale meat, when it is necessary to remove the odor.Also, we need a bunch of green fresh onion, 3-4 tomatoes, sauce tkemali, it will be garnish to a shish kebab.

Preparing meat

Before implant meat on skewers, it is necessary for a long time it is ready for this.Do you want to learn how to make delicious barbecue, then patience.Meat should be cut into pieces for 35-50 grams, put it in a container for marinating (not aluminum), sprinkle with coarse salt and let stand for 15-20 minutes.Salty top layer will not flow out meat juice.Then it is necessary to mix the meat with crushed peppercorn.Still waiting for half an hour and put onions, sliced ​​rings.Fill the liquid and leave for the night, that is, for 8-10 hours.You can marinate the kebabs and smaller, but it is, of course, affect the taste and softness.If you are traveling in the country, carry with them the barbecue should be right in the marinade if his grill in the yard, then slightly squeeze the liquid and proceed to the threading on the skewers.

Kebab in the oven

If you do not have the opportunity to go on a picnic or to the cottage, you can learn how to make barbecue in the oven, it is also very tasty.Cooked meat should be put in the pan, gently pressing out the liquid.Pour oil is not necessary.Heat the oven to 220 degrees, put the baking sheet and keep for 20 minutes.Heat forms a crust on the meat, so the juice will remain inside.Then it will be necessary to bring the skewers until cooked at 180 degrees.By the time it will take even minutes 20.

Excellent barbecue in the oven is obtained by cooking it in a sleeve for baking.Meat should be overcome by the marinade, be sure to leave all the onions, put it all in one layer of the sleeve.Tie the edges tight, put on the grate of the oven.At a temperature of 220 degrees is necessary to prepare about half an hour, then make up your sleeve toothpick two or three punctures, keep the oven for another 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees.Then, gently shift the arm on a cutting board, open it, barbecue out onto a plate and garnish with green onions and sliced ​​tomatoes.

Pork Pork

course zhirnovat for barbecue, but if you take a good neck, you can get a great meal.If you decide how to make skewers of pork, you can try to make it with beer.Meat should be cut into pieces, salt and pepper.Then, pour a glass of mayonnaise and put to marinate for 3-4 hours.20 minutes before cooking barbecue pour into a container, where skewers marinated bottle of light beer.All Mix and keep in a warm place.Fry in the same way as a conventional barbecue.If you do it on a skewer, then place the meat between slices of onion rings, you can add strips of peppers, eggplant rings.This barbecue gives a very soft and gentle.

Skewers of beef Beef

somewhat stiffer than other types of meat, so it is necessary to marinate for a few hours more.If you have not yet determined how to make skewers of beef, we offer you here is a recipe.

Take a kilo of onions and its three on a fine grater.Then a lot of onion put in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice.In him and put the beef, cut into pieces.Add salt and pepper to taste.Subject to marinate for 12 hours minimum, but can be more, maximum hours.After marinating merge juice and add to skewers half cup vegetable oil, not olive.

And then we knead the meat dough.This should be done by hand.Mnemonic meat, as it should, well, if it will make a man.Then we need to add to the meat mixture of peppers, basil, mint leaves and finely chopped into slices half a lemon.Once again, all punched and knead for at least 15 minutes.And then it is necessary to fry, as usual, on skewers or in any convenient way.

Skewer fish

Excellent kebab derived from sturgeon, catfish, carp from.Cook it very simple.The fish is cleaned, gut, cut into medallions.The skin is not necessary to remove them.Pieces rub with salt and pepper, add a little paprika and mustard seed.Onion grate, mush fish grease, add half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.Marinate the fish do not need more than an hour.A bake it on the grate should be 10-15 minutes if fish overexpose, it will be dry, the skin becomes tight.Serve skewers of fish, garnished with lemon slices.

Skewer vegetables

Delicious turns skewers of vegetables.Its good to cook in the post or as a garnish for meat.On skewers should be strung vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, celery, bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini.You can take those vegetables that you have to collect all not necessarily listed.All soft vegetables should be cut into large chunks, and hard, such as potatoes and carrots, cut into slices.Vegetables sprinkled with salt, sprinkled with sunflower oil, strung on skewers, alternating in color to the finished dish looked beautiful.

Skewered Chicken

Skewers of chicken can be prepared by any method described above.Read details about the skewers of chicken here: "How to cook skewers of chicken."