How homemade pickle bacon ?

How homemade pickle bacon ?

Lard - a very unusual product.It would seem that such a fat and calorie meal should very injurious to health, but quite the opposite, in fact.Cholesterol is contained in fat is not deposited on the walls of blood vessels, and in caloric content of fat is also very "useful" - the energy of a piece of fat is consumed for a long time.Therefore the fat so fond of sportsmen and travelers.

Salo homemade particularly tasty, it blends perfectly with black bread and a slice of garlic.Today let's talk about how to properly salted homemade bacon.

How to choose fat for pickling?

Choose fat should be carefully, because half of the successful salting accounts for the initial product quality.

Salo should be with the skin.It is also important that the fat was elastic, homogeneous and dense.A good way to check on the quality of fat - poke it with a sharp thin knife.Really good fat will pierce with some effort, but without jolts.If the fat is pierced with shocks, so it has a lot of streaks, and ready to get toug

h fat.

How pickle bacon home: the recipe

have bacon wonderful feature - you can not overdo it.It will soak up as much salt as needed, so the salt can be, and do not regret.

for home pickling fat needed:

  • Sol.Ideally, it should be coarse salt - then the fat will be stored longer.
  • Spices.Traditionally used in pickling black pepper and peppercorn, bay leaf, a few heads of garlic.You can add dried herbs.Their choice depends on your taste.

approximate ratio of fat and spices is: one kilogram of fat you need about the dining room spoon of pepper and 4-5 tablespoons of coarse salt.Bay leaf broken into small pieces and added to a mixture of salt and pepper.

Large piece of bacon should be cut into layers of thickness of 5-6 centimeters.In reservoirs with a knife make small incisions and nashpiguyte fat cloves of garlic.

Take convenient dishes, not only metal, and pour it on the bottom of a little salt-coating mixture.In this mixture gently lay the first layer of fat.Sprinkle mixture and then put the next piece.It can be repeated as long as you do not run out of food or a place in a bowl.Close the lid tightly bowl.

the first day fat you need to be warm, at room temperature.After about 5 days, they should be placed in the cool, for example in a refrigerator.Then homemade bacon will be ready.It needs to be wiped from the salt-coating mixture, wrap in paper and put into the freezer.

Recipes salting bacon very much, we have brought one of the most simple.You may also be interested in the article How to add salt bacon.