How to pickle bacon ?

How to pickle bacon ?

Here we give a few recipes for salting bacon.You'll learn how to pickle bacon in such a way that it has turned out extremely tasty, tender and melted in your mouth, causing your loved admiration your culinary skills.Now we proceed to the stages of preparation of bacon.

How to choose fat for salting

When choosing fats you need to consider a few important features of it.Firstly, lard salting necessarily be fresh.Very often, it tells its color.Fresh fat is usually white or slightly pinkish, and no yellow on it should not be.The second feature: buy salting possible fine bacon.As for meat veining in fat, they are allowed, but it is desirable that they were thin.Finally, the skin on the fat should be easily separated from the fat and be clean and soft.If all the above conditions, you can be sure that you have purchased the product ideal for pickling.

How to pickle bacon

To begin let recipe classical salting bacon.Cut into wedges kilogram of bacon, then sprinkle them liberally with salt (preferably

large) and remove the two days in the refrigerator or other cool place.It is important that the fat in this period to lie down on the cold.Two days later we obtain fat, water and boil with onion skins omit it in boiling water.In no case do not shake off the salt bacon!Lowering fat, add to the pan half a teaspoon of red pepper, a teaspoon of black pepper, 4-5 bay leaves, about 10 peas allspice, two heads of garlic (do not forget that before his crush) and salt.Cooking fat takes about 5-7 minutes, after which it must be wrapped in paper and put into the freezer.A day later the fat is ready.

How to pickle bacon in the brine

To tasty pickle bacon in the brine, you must first carefully clean off with bacon entire peel, then cut it into small pieces and place in any suitable bowl, sprinkled with crushed peas allspice and crushedgarlic.Then you need to make a strong enough saline.Salo at salting takes just the right amount of salt, so do not be afraid to overdo.Next you need to pour the fat with this solution and flatten something heavy.Keep the fat in solution under the weight should be within 3 days.This can be done in the room, since this method is ideal salting room temperature.After 3 days, remove the fat from the container and blot it with a towel, after which it can be eaten or used to prepare various dishes.Fat can be stored is very long.

As salt bacon with garlic

note that recipes salting bacon with garlic, there are many.Here we present a recipe, a respected many cooks.So, to start, choose a fat, what you want - you can streaked meat, can be without them, can be small or large, in general, to taste.Also for cooking, we need black pepper and black pepper to peas, bay leaf, salt and, of course, garlic cloves at the rate of 5-6 per kilogram.

Cut bacon into small pieces, and then another smaller, but do not cut away the peel.This is to ensure that the fat dissolves.Next, cut the garlic into thin slices and mix together salt and pepper.Then you need to roll each piece of bacon and spices to impose its slices of garlic.Prepared slices of bacon cooked in a tightly laying capacity (better if it's deep dish), between them put the bay leaves.When lay all the bacon, cover the top plate with a flat bottom and place on top of the load.Now bacon a few hours should lie in ambient conditions, after which it can be put into the refrigerator for a day.Then pull out the fat, cleanse it of excess salt and remove again - this time in the freezer.Of course, there can be fat, have to get it out of the fridge the next day, but after a few hours it will lie down in the freezer, the fat becomes even more delicious, although the taste and color, as they say ...

There are many other recipescooking fats, which are described here is not possible, because it will take more than a dozen pages.You can add salt spicy bacon, bacon dry salting, and there are ways to quickly salting bacon - now find these and dozens of other recipes can be without difficulty.We brought you, perhaps, the most popular and familiar to our residents salting bacon recipes.